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The last book

PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2007 9:05 pm
by Asumey
A strange old book

**A dark covered leather tome, it reads on the top in old Darnassian "Report Log", Some of the edges seem a bit burnt, and it looks fire damaged, the literacy of the book was written in short hand, from what you can read from the ink on the old pages**

I write this, as a record, to the actions that took place over those years my hand holds each word with a heavy presence, as each word speaks of the sins that we have done, but I feel this cannot should not be forgotten, and even for my own peace of mind through the loss of rest this has caused me, the pictures the memories that echo through my silent mind, is destroying me, can we did we, yes it was done, I know that cannot be changed, but this record at least is the final truth... from an old man who finally seeks forgiveness

It all started, seemingly like more than a life time ago, back after the world was cracked, when finally we brought those to justice everything then such chaos among our people, The cursing of great many, and then the distrust among all that the demons of the other worlds would try to seduce more into there grasp, A promise of power can taint even the most noble of hearts, I think I finally understand that now, In the method we choose, we sinned ourselves, and forgot Elune's teachings, taking power ourselves

We had just formed the order, and set on our task of searching out, and finding ways to help defend our people from the problem as we had seen it, I was assigned to the mountains, in the small villages in the area, It at the time was like a great blessing, among those proud woods there, and so for such a short time I traveled vesting each village in turn...

Then one day, I came to this clearing, the sky everything around so heavy, almost I could not understand, but I could feel it the boundaries where blurred, between our world and another, something was happening, In my curiosity I approached, down into the clearing, the air thick with mist, finally I broke through it, and on the inside, shock took me. at what my eyes where telling me, No longer standing in that forest clearing, but instead in a creator, a tree in the centre, and from that well something I should of put down to dreams, A sphere of water stood so high from the ground, and inside a body of a child, I went to approach, but it did not seem to make sense, I could get no closer.. I tried running, Taking this all In I left, the same way I came looking back, I was worried I should of stayed to help, but I needed to know more, so I left for our great libraries, and to talk to some of the elders

Then that is when it came that letter, It had been almost several months I had been trying to find anything on the sight I had seen, After meeting with many that had drawn the conclusion that I was mad, I still searched, as I received a letter from one of the villages in my patrol, and it shocked me, Apparently according to this letter, two younger officers had detained a demonic creature from a village not so far away from the clearing I was at months before, They where in the proceedings of questioning It, and making it tell them all it knew, It read okay till the point of the description, inside I almost felt sick to my very heart " A young Elven girl, covered in scales, deep crimson eyes, dripping in blood that was not hers, teeth razor sharp, talon hands and feet " How could someone or something wish that upon themselves, was beyond me, so I set out, hoping the questioning they had undertook had not been to much, but knowing inside the over zealous young chargers could do, when there cause is just..

I left taking what I could hasently set out for the village, I decided to ride, as fast as I could upon my old saber, took a few more days to get there, as it game into view, the outskirts of the village so empty, I explored a bit the village silent, I came to the town square where a large tree had taken roots in times long passed, and the sight I saw, was something I still find hard to recall, Bodies everywhere, dead the glow in there eyes ceased, and yet bound to the tree, was a child, covered in cuts handing there by an arm, her head and hair scorched, her body riddled with various wounds, the blood everywhere stiffening, as I choked

everyone gone.. all dead, but why, and this thing, screaming away, in pain , I approached closer to inspect her, the wounds the blood the smell overwhelming , As far as I could make out, Only half her remained, different metal tools protruding all over, I am sorry my words as such.. In the end, I brought myself around, and unbound this creature from the tree, wrapping her in my cloak, resting her along the mount I set of, knowing there was nothing I could do for the village, as I left I saw many other tracks leaving in different directions, In some ways this filled me with hope, but curiosity to what had happened

I left for our closest temple, down in the valley of Ashenvale, many days ride from where I was, leaving it all behind, with this broken thing on my saddle, I fed it nursed it as we traveled, it indeed had to be a small girl, even bandaged up her left side, to stunt the bleeding, but still did not understand where all the blood was coming from.. by all means she should be dead, it troubled me all the way there

when we reached the temple.. the next moments where all a blur, they took her from me, straight down, I didn’t even have much time to report anything, they took her deep inside, As I talked with the elders, Apparently they had already heard and had made up a decision, all I could do was go along, I know it sounds like I was a coward I should of stood up, should of aired my views, but I had my job, and they where my teachers, I could not just Disobey them for some little girl, So I followed as I thought I should

many days had passed where I just went back to the books, as what I thought I could do, not wishing to disobey, Although the thought never leaving me, a year or so passed away, as I buried my thoughts among the pages, Then One day was approached, by one of the elders, who said it was time I learnt more, He said.. that he had been worried that I could not let what I saw, alone, and it was time I helped, and prove my worth to the order, Foolishly I agreed, I still think walking away would of kept my life safe from this

I followed him down into the basement.. through several rooms, Surprised just at how far down it went, spiral through the old stone walkways, in awe at the designs, and writings, but keeping my view through the many rooms of, noises strange sounds all around, sending shivers down my spine, the various hollows and roars, I’m sure things where crying out among those shadows, but I ignored it, as I followed down to a room

I Looked around, and there was that girl again, chained down to a tablet in the middle of the room, she lay what looking like to be between wake and sleep, her stair, bone chilling, her eyes kept settling around that dark hall, Candles lit the walls, Tools devices everywhere, hung all around, this room of pain suffering, Annoyed me that it was under what we called our temple, but I bit my pride, sold me morals, To help our goal, we would find ways to gain anything we could to fight those that wished to corrupt our homes, take away our will, and loose all we had gained

So I set to work with the others, performing tests experimenting on this child thing, a great length of time. it felt like an eternity down there, but it grew easier, as the screams seemed to fade into the back ground, are work all we cared about, so reading the books, taking our time.. I will write briefly what we did and learned about this girl, as because some things should be left forgotten, we explored her body, and this is what we found

Her body looked almost as something drawn from a dream of how a young Elven child should look, accept there where no distinctions between her left and right side other then a slight discoloration in her skin, On her stomach lay a picture, no that is not right a symbol, of a mirror broken incomplete it reacted, to our presence, It shun out almost a song in the air it hung, the words themselves, always out of our reach we tried to make them sing out but to no avail, What we discerned from that symbol showed

What ever had happened this girl was no longer really alive or dead, her body was separated down the middle, what ever had tried to rebuild her had done a magnificent job, at copying but yet could not make life, the scales though in places over her skin intrigued at appeared her broken body and soul, had been fused with that of a dragons, although as we thought impossible, it had not been quite finished.. What ever had tried must of been very skilled, how well her body was weaved with the magic, to create this form, not to mention bind her soul to another creatures to stabilize both, so we set about, we sought all we could, it must of felt horrible to this child, all this that had happened, and still not quite finished..

It had not been completed the very symbol itself, had been set out, but not defined as it should, lacking it’s final purpose, to balance her spirit her form as whole, to keep it going, that is what we discerned from our tests, She could no longer retain the light within her, we guessed that was down to her wounds that covered her, and into what caused them the scars the wounds each of them with the lights touch, it must of tainted the mirror, or something about her, we thought we knew that is why it was never completed

So we set about the task.. pulled our weight and knowledge together, to draw on what was needed, To complete the body, drawing on all we had, I’m not sure why, but we managed it the best we can, although much older, From a girl to a lady, repairing as much damage as we could, the left side we found we could do nothing, but as we repaired the right, it seemed to mirror all we did, In the end left with nothing but this women the scales the talons gone.. It now stable, the markings on her still unknown but proud in our work

We created something did the impossible in that dungeon, elf bound with a dragon, It makes me shudder though all those bodies, but it was still closure for myself to finally see at least one soul saved from the abyss, Then she was taken from us.. I had no idea what would happen, but I was glad to wash my hands with. It what we had called on to complete this project for the temple.. but for generations, I let it rest

Till one day on a battlefield I saw her again.. I think it was she.. In the retinue of some of the order, and it shocked me.. IT was not a big battle a mild skirmish of sorts fighting against the demons during the last war, and she was there, it scared me.. how she fought. her eyes cold, no blade but nothing I had ever seen.. When I questioned later I was told it was none of my business and should not ask questions

But I enquired, all our research when I went to look for it, had been taken the books we used to help rebuild her, And all my enquiring in the end, had me kicked from the order, So I decided that it was no time to be Ignorant of matters, not if something was happening when I could do something, that is why I write this, Before I go into that temple and find the girl, find everything I can, and stop what the order is trying to hide.. please who ever reads this, keep it safe, and look out for her, I doubt I will survive this

Your eternal slave to sin, I will redeem my soul and my name, in Elune’s eyes