What to do indeed - recent events

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What to do indeed - recent events

Postby Elalda on Wed May 30, 2007 5:51 pm

(( Servers are down, i felt like writing, i think this sums up the emo of the moment and naturally the emo that it has created of my stupid pathetic elf :D but i love him really *hugs Elalda* ))

The golden sunset washed over the sea sending it's soft soothing rays bouncing across each and every wave tip as the tide moved. The last sun set Elalda thought, his mind racing with the mixed emotions thriving on his being and state.
"It has been a long time..." the speaker continued, her words lost in the vibrant horizon; red and orange dancing in the sky as they crossed and faded into one another, the dusk slowly turning to a gentle blue in its most highest points. Elalda stood there, as all his regiment were, the fading sun upon their faces, their constant never leaving gaze falling to Eain, the last of the starseekers commanders. As a few curls of her hair lifted slightly in the breeze he wondered what might come next, what would any of them do? how would they live?

Non of it mattered in the end, this afternoon they were heroes, the survivors and victors of so many battles, so many conflicts and so many destructive rampages from their horde adversaries that it really did not matter. They had served their duty and now would be dismissed to go as they pleased.
He just watched her, her body silhouetted against the setting sun, light pouring from every curve and shape that was her being, the effect making her appear imposing and throwing her face and forward features into shadow.

His head turned to the wind swept beach, his glance traveling over the gentle lumps and sandy dunes to where the horde had gathered, as if to pay their final respects before the eminent last battle to come. His mind lost in memories and feelings Elalda bowed his great elven head, green hair falling down softly across his eyes as he only listened, half registering her words yet seeming to hang onto every last syllable, every last change of tone and manner.

And then it was over, as the last words were thrown to the quiet gentle breeze the sun set on the starseeker regiment, the zoramstrand was lite up as if by a rushing torrent of emotion from the dieing sun before twilight slowly took it, bit by bit, inch by inch, person, by person.

"For Cenarius!" her words struck the group harder than any that day, pins and needles racing through him as the adrenaline began to pound in his ears, a battle cry forced its way out of his mouth and with that he charged, they charged. The last charge.

This was no time for memories, the tall elf thought. Throwing back his hood and letting his mess of deep rich green hair fall out around his coverings. Elalda looked up at the temple of the moon, eyes taking in the glowing structure set against the soothing purple sky. Whisps danced in the air around its pillars, the soft and cooling breeze sending leaves and long lost herbs flying across his path and up into the ever peaceful sky.
Clearing his throat Elalda took a moment to compose himself, it had been a few months since that day, yet it haunted his days and nights like it had been yesterday, the fall of one of the greatest Cenarion regiments, it was not coming back.
"What to do now.." he muttered, shrugging his long thick robe into a more comfortable position "What to do indeed..."

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