The Hunt

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The Hunt

Postby Ixirar on Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:18 pm

The Hunt
This is your fate
I quickly arose and looked around, my hands were planted carefully on the hilts of my blades. He was out there, and he would not hesitate to strike, should he get the chance. I walked slowly around the building, a squirrel was playing with some leaves on the ground. I fell down and laid completely still. He had found me, faster than I had found him, I listened carefully, the slighest noice from him, just even a single breath, then I would know where he was. Atlast, it came, I jumped quickly, threw my blades up in the air, drew a dagger and threw it at him. I grabbed my bow and shot three arrows at him, I catched the blades again and charged at him. But too late, he was gone allready. I cleared my head from any thought, now my instincts would control any move I made. Now the beast within me, had found its pray. Now, the hunt would start......

This is just the start of it, if I cba sometime later, I will write more, but it's just what I am gonna do while bored (+ I need some practice in writing, it pulled my Danish and English grades down quite a bit)

What do you think? ;)

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