A visit in the Library

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A visit in the Library

Postby Tenshylwin on Tue Mar 18, 2008 9:52 pm

This would just be a small part for my paladin I wrote to my apply for an guild, enjoy :3

It was quiet here, only the sound of a quill scratching down the ink on a scroll, a quiet sigh, even some muttering. He was in the library, reading books, making notes, thus he was called Loreweaver, although he wasen't quite sure why he had been given that surname, he didn't like it very much, but atleast it was usefull than nothing at all. Slowly he stood up, stretching his arms freely before he walked with easy steps to one of the bookshelves. He was just wearing some easy clothing, nothing fancy. He must admit, he didn't want to wear the plate armor in the Library, and it would just make alot of noice from it. It would disturb the silence.

Putting his index finger on the books back he pulled it out till it dropped down in his hand. He coughed, dusted it off. Muttering for himself about the dust, thinking that the library should get cleaned more often. The book he took was old, he slowly opened it. The leathercase of the book was slightly stiff. He grinned for himself, it must been standing there for quite long time without anyone looking into it and he browsed few the pages till he found what he searched for.
”Queen Azshara..” It was merely a whisper that came from his lips and he turned the page, he wanted to know more about her, about this past but most he wanted to know.. was this addiction he felt for the magic. He was a Blood Knight, abusing the power of the Light, and he definitely had this addiction for magic. He was very aware of that, but he had been trained, he would not let his kind, the Sin'dorei, fall for this addiction, to let it get worse.

Even if he knew he was just one those all Blood Knights Lady Liadrin had trained so wasn't he going to fail to the Sin'dorei nor her. He looked into another book, that was wide open, an image of the Naaru, M'uru, was drawed there. With a light hand he touched the image and smirked for himself and then he dipped the quill nib into the ink bottle and wrote down his last note, his name.

Blood Knight Altharion Loreweaver.

With a start he woke up, he rubbed his eyes and muttered for himself. Had he falled asleep? What was the hour by now? His answear came soon as he felt the finger tap him on his shoulder.

”Altharion, I don't mind you sitting here and reading in the library but sometimes you need to get out from here more often.” He reckognized the voice, a friend of his, and nodded just briefly. He stood up again and looked down in his notes when his friend continued, ”Get into some guild.. in that way you could help the Sin'dorei better than just reading some old books.”
Even if he didn't want to admit it so was his friend right, he sighed for himself, moving away a little of his hair, laying it behind his ear.

”You're right.. I'll see what I can find.” He asnwered, making sure that the ink was dry and rolled the papers into a couple of scrolls, nodding content for himself as he left the library with his friend. Now his search has begun.
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