The patrol in Feralas

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The patrol in Feralas

Postby Tenshylwin on Sun May 24, 2009 6:19 pm

An slight warning, this story contains a little mature stuff, so.. erh children, you've been warned.


It was quiet. A quite calm morning in the wilderness, not too far away from the Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas. Slowly, not making any sounds were a shadow sneaking up on the unexpected and sleeping druid. So calm, unprotected and peaceful. A smirk grew on her lips as she leans over him and put a feather under his nose, letting it just softly and teasingly tickle him. The druid made an grimace but didn't wake up, stubborn as he was. But the woman didn't give in, she let the tip of feather go along the druids cheek, slowly down and then under his nose again. This time she succeed. He opened his left eye, as the right were covered by his eye patch, and inhaled before he sneezed.

The sentinel, stood up to avoid being caught by the druid and waved a little. Tenshylwin rubbed his eye and stretched with an yawn, which he soon regret. The sentinel had a bucket of water and threw it over his face.
G'morning sleepyhead! C'mon now, we've some time to eat before our patrol.” Tenshylwin blinked as she stared at his companion. He muttered a few words for himself before he wiped of the water from his face and slowly worked himself up on his feet.
By Cenarius.. you never get tired of wakin' me up like that do you, Alane?” Alane who merely were humming for herself while working on getting life in the campfire didn't pay much attention to Tenshylwin. He waited for her answer but sighed when she never gave him one. They had been in the same patrol group for quite some time and knew each other good enough. Of what he had learned so was Alane quite the fierce fighter, but she was also very playful and kind. He had made the mistake to underestimate her several times under a few duels.

C'mere kitty and don't forget the food.” She was more or less the one in command even if they were quite equal in ranks. Why bother had Tenshylwin thought when he was signed to this woman. He took up the bag which contained their food and walked over to her and sat down. He took up some salted meat, bread and fish that was wrapped into some cloth. It was still dawn, the weather seemed to prepare for rain. But so far it looked like it yet was far away. Tenshylwin yawned again and handed over the fish to Alane who prepared their meal.

So what's the plan today, my dear commander?” He said it with a bit of teasing tone to her and she glanced at him, opened her mouth but closed it again and smirked at the druid, she didn't fall for it. But she shrugged her shoulders to his question and looked up at the sky. “Well. We'll check on camp Mojache and see what they're up too. And if they're doing anything suspicious. Then we take them out.” She then replied.
He just gave her a slight nod. The plan was simple, but they both knew that they still had a long day ahead of them and who knew what could happen under that day?

So, if I see them kissin' and huggin' I take them out? Got it.” Alane laughed softly to his joke and looked up at the half burned fish. She had totally forgotten where she held it. One side of the fish were filled with ashed and smelled burnt. She wrinkled her nose and peered at Tenshylwin who were busy with getting two bottles of water for them.
This one is for you, Tensh. It might be a little burned, so let me know if you happen to die from it.” The druid looked over his shoulder, peering at the fish she held in her hand. He definitely didn't want to eat that one.
You burnt it again, dear? I wonder if you know how lousy at cooking you are.” Alane ignored his comment but smiled.

A few hours had went, it was still early in the morning but camp Mojache were quite lively at this hour. Mostly guards patrolling, or some hordes running around doing their thing. Whatever that now was. Tenshylwin snarled quietly barely not noticing it himself as he prowled around, keeping himself away from them so they wouldn't notice him. The grass felt so soft under his paws. Feralas, his home. Why was he here? He knew he had made a spot for his parents in the wilderness, mostly to pray for them to Elune and Cenarius, or just sit there and wait if they ever would come back to see him. He wasn't sure if they were alive or dead. But now wasn't it the time to dwell in his own thoughts! Quickly so avoided he an patrol who walked towards him and he could hear them speak in taurahe, he didn't understand a thing but it didn't matter. They mostly walked around and kept their village safe. And since everything seemed calm so should he head back. But there was something that held him here. Tenshylwin sniffed around and the scent became stronger for each step he took.

Alane were sitting on a hill, hiding behind a tree while she watched the village. What were Tenshylwin doing? He should be back by now! She cursed for himself to Elune and made her bow ready, just in case. She preferred the blade over the bow but the village were far away and she was high up. So now the bow were the best choice she had.
Scream went through the village. The guards were alarming for something, or someone? Then it came up for her. Tenshylwin! And her eye soon caught the cat running out with something in his mouth with least dozen of guards after his tail. She couldn't help but laugh but she was still slightly angry at the cat for making such a fuss in the village. His orders were to just take a look and then come back.

The cat licked around his muzzle. He was like a predator waiting for it's pray in the shadows. And his pray was right in front of his nose. Fresh rabbits and fish. He couldn't help it but take it. Tenshylwin leaped at his target and jumped. He took it into his jaw and laughed in victory. The guards were stunned and just glared at the cat who came out from nowhere to take their fresh food from the latest hunt. Then they alarmed! They screamed out loud and pointed at the cat who didn't hesitate to dash out from the village, laughing loudly with his jaw filled with food. The guards followed him out from the village but the cat outran them, he was too fast and there was no idea to risk it. They had more food, but it would just take some time to prepare it all for everyone. So they had to send out another party to hunt down some food.

Tenshylwin felt proud and walked up to the hill where Alane were hiding. She waited for him, with her arms crossed over her chest. She did look like she was angry.
Uh-oh..” Was all he could say before she pulled the cat's ear. She picked up his pray before dragging him away from the hill down into the wilderness. “Ow! Ow, my ear! C'mon Alane, let me go!” He begged her but she wouldn't loosen her grip of his ear. At least it wasn't his tail she were dragging, but the ear was bad enough. When Alane thought they were safe she let go of Tenshylwins ear and stared at him.

What was that good for, you idiot?!” She threw out the arms to the sides and sighed before letting go of the food so it fell down to the ground and laid her hands on her hips. Tenshylwin, however, only looked at her and smiled while he purred. How could she resist that cat? She tried to hold her face but then only laughed to sit down and hug the cat.
You silly cat. Don't do something like that. Anything could've happened to you.” They had grew into close friends under their time together as a patrol. She rubbed the cat over his back and gently patted his head.
Sorry Alane, I just couldn't resist myself there. But let's continue instead of sittin' here?” He smirked for himself before he continued. “Not that I mind it.” She laughed as he winked at her and then bonked him on the head and stood up.

The whole day had almost flied past, it was dark in the wilderness and Tenshylwin sat alone in the grass. It was near a tree, a spot he used to sit at when he lived here. He looked up at the sky, almost dreaming himself away and felt soon a hand on his shoulder. He was startled but soon calmed himself down he saw it was Alane.
What're you doing here Tensh? I've been looking for you.” She sounded worried, it was expected now that he never told her where he was when he left. But she was a good tracker, so it probably wasn't a big problem for her to find him. With a smile he let out an sigh.
Nothin' dear. I was just talkin' to my parents, or prayin' for them to Cenarius and Elune, more or less and telling them that I am taking up my mother surname, Em'Nael, again.” He answered her. Alane only smiled, nodding quietly. It probably hurt him a lot, thinking of his parents like this.

I am sure that they'd be proud of you, Tensh.” He looked down at her. Something in her eyes made him put his hands on her cheeks, then kissing her softly. She was surprised but her heart began to beat faster and she didn't resist it, in stead she laid down in the cold grass. He knew he shouldn't do this but it was like she invited him, like she wanted this. Tenshylwin hesitated at first, but laid down over her, supporting himself while leaning on his elbow and placed a finger soft on her chin and let it slowly walk down her throat and onwards to her armor, covering her chest. He couldn't help himself but to smirk when his hand reached her waist.
Alane looked at him while he removed her armor, which was like scale on a fruit, hard on the outside but soft under it.

He almost drowned in her fully naked body: her arms that had gotten goosebumps from the cold, the breast who's nipples were hard, and her eyes that he could see deep into. He leaned over her and took one of the nipples in his mouth and Alane inhaled deeply, holding her breath for a few seconds when his teeth closed around it. Her hands were searching up to his head and she wrapped her hands into his hair. Then he was over her, inside her. He kissed her hard and felt like he was surrounded by her, trapped. Her legs moved over hips and she could feel him slowly deeper and her fingers dug into his back.

They had just been laying there, quietly. They both were warm and wasn't bothered by the cold air, and it soon began to rain.
Tensh, what were your parents name? You never told me.” She mumbled, leaning her head to the left and looked at him. He had his eyes shut. She couldn't tell if he was asleep or not, until he answered her with a mumble.
My fathers name was Ethrihil Moonshine, and Arethel Em'Nael my mothers.
With that they didn't say much more, they still had a few days of patrolling before Tenshylwin would return to Darnassus to hand in a report.
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