Disturbance in Stormwind

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Disturbance in Stormwind

Postby Drefurion on Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:12 am

((Sooo.. Iridium, Arykah and Kakurine probably know what his will be about, but I thought I'd give you guys some information aswell, despite us ICly deciding to keep it all quiet. Be prepared for human glances and bad writing.))

You walk the streets of Stormwind, where you are part of the party that are to meet the Bloodwind regiments commanders. You linger a little, you are tired and don't feel like talking with the others too much. Call it luck or call it destiny but because you walk a few paces behind the group your ears catch an intresting conversation:
"Haven't you heard?"
"No, just like the last three times you asked that, would you just tell me what happend already?!"
"Aye, alright, I heard four Elves attacked gaurds over at the command center"
"What? Elves? At the command center?!"
"Aye, that's what I said"
"What nerve, the -Command Center-!"

You had stopped to listen, but the rest of the party are now ushering you to hurry up, you take a last quick glance at the two gentleman you had just been listening to and quickly catch up with the party.
"What was keeping you?" one in the party asks.

The rest of the day the conversation keeps stirring in your head, not sure what to make of it..
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