Adventures in Alterac Valley.

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Adventures in Alterac Valley.

Postby Sheyran on Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:22 am

As Elenáril has travelled alot, she has also seen this part of the Eastern Kingdoms, together with her brother. Recently started writing this, not sure when I will continue it though. ^_^''

Elenáril sits in the dwarven bunker, shivering from the cold in Alterac Valley. She curses silently in darnassian, peering at the group of dwarves enjoying their break from patrolling with some ale. She shakes her head slowly, letting out a deep sigh. She disliked dwarves the most from her new allies, but it was not the time to be picky. Where was Revian.. he was late..

Another dwarf rushed into the bunker, huffing and wheezing like he had run from Ashenvale to Darkshore without breathing at all. He came right to Elenáril, bowing deeply before her. "Lady.. -wheeze- Silversong! Yer... -huff- brother, 'e was found wounded.. They be bringin' him 'ere right nao.." the dwarf managed to speak out loud. Elenáril jumped up from her (COLD!) seat, and rushed outside the bunker. There, she was met with two dwarves barely managing to carry tall Kal'dorei male, which seemed to be out of his senses. Elenáril shrugged as she approached her knocked out brother. She quickly inspected him, noticing that there was not any serious harm done on him. The two dwarves continued to carry him inside. Elenáril stood there, her arms crossed over her chest as the dwarf from earlier came to her. " 'e was carrying 'is.." The dwarf rose up on his toes to give her a small, sealed scroll. "Apparently 'tis battleplans.. Since yer resposible fer his scoutin' while 'e's out of it, ye should see 'is.." She opened the scroll, seeing annoyingly bad handwriting, apparently in orcish. She shrugged, shaking her head. "It is not making any sense to me.. Do we have anyone cabable of translating it?" "Nae, if I be right.."

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