Shadow in the Mist - Decent into Madness

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Shadow in the Mist - Decent into Madness

Postby Dorahn on Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:29 am

- How it began?

Because curiosity is curiosity, because the need to know is important, because we need to talk about something, so, how it all began? It started by being a simple thing to do, there was a Sytar standing there all alone and unaware of the Kaldorei presence, simple enough for the young minds to deceive. All it would take would be a simple stab on the right place and the Sytar was no more. He didn’t fail the expectation and landed the blow perfectly but was that all? It was a ambush, dozens of them where hiding, waiting for the right opportunity to make their attack, when the Satyr fell and the Kaldorei laugh relieved that he had disposed Teldrassil of such presence they all came out of their wholes, quickly surrounded both younglings and began their charge. The male protected the other one from them, fast with the daggers he was, all that attacked them died in that place. He managed to save himself and protect the life of the other all alone against dozens of them. When they got out he looked tired, heavy breathing and was feeling a pain sensation on his chest he looked and his white armor was quickly getting colored by his blood, it was clear, one of the Satyr had landed a strike into him. Luckily for him he was with a mage that had the audacity of casting a teleportation spell to Darnassus. She attended to the wound the best she could and Dorahn after saw some druids to make better emends to the wound but there was one thing he forgot to mention. One that could cost his life, or, make him wish he were dead.

- Why not before?

These reasons are still to be known, such a curse would have surely attacked his mind a long time ago, it took longer like something was holding it back, something powerful. But it doesn’t make any sense does it? He had no idea that such thing was in his body waiting, waiting for the opportunity to take control.

- When it began?

He started acting a little strange possibly seven days ago, might have been more. Not a lot of persons knew him that much to tell the difference right away that’s why did dragged to the ball of problems it is today. He started not caring, acting ruder, with more arrogance although it wouldn’t last long in the beginning and he always apologized after he though the situation better. ‘Did he not realize it wasn’t him?’ We do not know, as far as he knew at the time it could be stress, anger, he did told us he would something say things without thinking them through and that always caused him problem, he thought it was just some normal thing.

- Why is he in this situation?

The curse only got worse by time and without him realize he had lost control over his body, he saw his muscle moving without his consent, his mouth talking things he had never thought about nor would he ever say. There was one Highborne, not the one that was with him the day he got injured, another, older. Seemed that her presence would feed that curse to become stronger, at first from what he told us there were only mere change of words, changes that only got worse by time to the point that he wouldn’t tolerate her presence or of any other one, would it be Queldorei or Kaldorei.
The moment he truly lost the fight to the curse was the day he drew his sword against the Highborne, he did not told us much, only the essential, he does not wish to remember it but it seems it is the only things in his mind these past days. Here is what we know, there was a fight and the Highborne was injured in the arm, the moment she was in her knees and he was ready to give her the final blow another one stepped in, the youngling. He said to her, when she was casting a spell, ‘do it, now.’ From that fight those were the only words he meant, and actions, he stood in the same place and got hit by her spell. He woke up minutes after and she was still there, looking at him. They talked very little and ended by him saying the words ‘just… leave.’ She did and what happened next he refuses to tell.
That was not the only time was it? - No, it wasn’t. The older one tried to help him after that, she eventually did do something but it would take time and in the meanwhile the curse had regained the strength to control his body once more, this time he attacked in the temple of Elune and there they were, both Highborne in that place, this time the fight was a little different, he managed to injured the older yet again, this time a knife in her shoulder, it would appear that whatever he did he never managed to hit the youngling. Was she stronger or did he retained something in his twisted mind that kept telling him not to do it? – There is no real answer to that, although it appears to be true, if even an experienced arcanist could die at his sword a novice would certainly to. Both managed to take him down and actually gave him a hard time judging by his wounds. The curse did muster strength to yell for help to the sentinels in a desperate attempt to blame them for such acts, he was the one beaten up, it could certainly be believable but to his surprise the sentinel answering the call for help was none other than the high sentinel of Natures Grasp. She entered the room and it was immediately confused by the situation which he used to his favor, while she was distracted with the youngling he pushed her and made a run for it.

All we know now is that he somehow got himself better, as in better being a relative term, and seek out help, the only person he had he could trust, the youngling, he asked her to put some bandages on him, he told her it would hold the evil within and eventually make it disappear, he left after a while and not much is known about and he refuses to speak.

- Current situation?

Yes, well, he is imprisoned in the temple and receiving help from the priestess, once he is better his future will be resolved, he will have to answer for his crimes, endangerment of lives in our city and usage of fel bandages to hold off the curse.
So his future will be?
That is not for us to decide, a letter has been send to the High Sentinel of his order and she will be the once deciding his fate, execution, isolation, whatever… It seems hard, no? How can someone be judge by things he did not commit? – It is not for us to decide, whether it was not under his control he did used the bandages with free will. - He acted out of fear, you can see him now, look at him. He looks more scared of himself and ashamed than anything I have ever seen.

(Highlights of)
-----Letter to the High Sentinel of Natures Grasp – Eliinor-----
(After explaining everything of the situation)
…The decision will be up to you, in three days we want his future resolved or we will do it ourselves, the time to save a life can be now, if you still want him in the Order or not does not concerns us.
(Goes on)

It has been a while since I had made a wall of text and this actually sums it up all the things that had been happening, as always I hope you enjoy it and this time maybe I got the size of the sentences a little better, and with a new style of telling a story, by having a conversation, yey!
So… to my eyes this is what happened, I know some of you had been listening to stories or so you had me understanding such things, this can alleviate the curiosity, now, if you want more… get RPing you slackers!!
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