The Artifact and deed of a Gnome!

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The Artifact and deed of a Gnome!

Postby Nelani on Tue Apr 12, 2011 3:57 pm

((I got this idea yesterday morning and thought it would be fun to write. I spent two bustravels writing it and maybe two hours today finishing it up nicely. Beware though, this is not about Nelani! Rather someone else you know... ;) ))

The Artifact and deed of a Gnome!

Warlen could feel life returning to his body, his strengh once again regained. His senses were awakened, again telling him of his surroundings. His memory came back. He bowed to the kind soul who had caught him in the absract rift in which his spirit was floating away from a firece battlefield. He turned around, there was no time to waste.

He decended a small hill and started running. The grass was damp from the slight rain and blades could be heard clashing further away. Battlecries filled the air with all voices one could imagine; this was everyones fight. A Human roared as he slammed his shield in the chest of an Orc but as he swinged his blade to finish him off, it was stopped by that of a Blood Elf. Beams of all kinds were streaming from a Dranei located a bit beind the human. A Troll steadied his bow and let loose a poisoned arrow. The Night Elf had seen it coming and dodged it swiftly, letting the arrow follow its course further than planned. Warlen heard a cut through the air right above him; If he had been any taller it would have pierced his flesh. He had never complained about the size of Gnomes. A bit surprised he glanced at the battle, but he kept his distance as he had another target in his mind and there was no time to lose.

As the ground which a minute ago were coloured by grass changed and left only naked dirt to walk on, he were approaching the mountain which had been conquered some time ago. It now stood steady with red banners of the Horde catching the wind and wooden fences keeping out the Alliance. Warlen looked towards the lower entrance of their lair as reinforcements flowed out; he did not have time for encounters right now. But he knew another way. Making his way up the hill using a broken part of the wooden wall, he were now in Horde grounds. He was quietly making his way forward but stopped as a Warrior were running his direction! He threw himself to the nearest cover which this time turned out to be a wheelbarrow. He held his breath as he heard the steps of the grunt grow stronger in sound, but then faded again along with the sound of an axe peing pulled out of what sounded like a big pile of weapons. Warlen sighed exiting the wheelbarrow. His size had been proven useful once again.

He entered the facility with silent steps, peering around for activity. Nothing. He made his way further in still listening any sound of danger. As he approached a mountainwall a smirk spread across his face. He had found what he were looking for. An artifact of great value and the reason they were all here fighting. He jumped down a ledge and stood before its might. He took a step closer. However, before his foot ever touched ground his evil grin transformed into an expression of pain. The dagger of a rogue had pierced his back. He held out his arm in the direction of the artifact, but could not reach it as he fell to the ground unable to move. "No!" he thought as he tried to get up, but the poison had already spread through his body.. He had failed.


Sro'gael, the Undead rogue, laughed at the dead body of a gnome which was his responsability and pride. A crash followed by yelling could be heard from where the intruder had entered and he dissapeared into the shadows once again. Little did he know that he had failed. A purple orb started shining brightly from one of the gnomes bags. What looked like a purple cloud came from the bag and float in the air for a moment, then filled the gnomish body. His blood started circulating once again. He started breathing. He opened his eyes and got on his feet, reviving his vicious smirk. "Stupid rogue.." He snickered to himself. What the rogue did not know was that it was not just any gnome, but a warlock such. And everyone knows not to trust warlocks, right? Not even a dead one! He placed his hand around the precious artifact, but the second he lifted it from its place his infiltration was in vain: A loud horn made such noise that surely not a single ear all over the field could have missed that. He made haste for his retreat. He could not take the same way in or the rogue would be at him in a flash. He had to take the tunnel leading back down the mountain.

He ran through the long dirt-filled tunnel for what felt like ages, but light soon started to blind his eyes increasingly. He left the tunnel and stopped for a second, adapting, inspecting the field. To Warlens surprise the battlefield had gone from chaos to the quite opposite when the horn yelled. A group of horde were rushing towards him like thunter from the right, a pack of Alliance members from the left. A Paladin were leading the group of four. "Lets go" he said.

They started making their way over the field in a V-formation escorting the artifact and its carrier - Warlen. However they were soon flanked by the Horde. Engaging in battle, blades were swung and firebolts flew like rain. Suddenly ice had covered their feet and were climbing further up their legs, and their mobility were greatly reduced. The paladin mumbled between his swings and the ice on Warlens feet dissapeared. He was filled with a light which made him feel unstoppable! "Go!" the paladin yelled while blocking another axe with his shield. He went on.


Dirt soon returned to grass as he kept on running with a firm grip around the artifact. He could see the entrance of the Alliance hold, the elven structures looked as safe as ever. He kept on puching with his eyes locked on the entrance, but it was cut of by Tauren legs. Warlen frowned at the creature in his path who was coming for him. He stopped and started mumbeling. The Tauren soon ran in fear of something unknown to him. But an orc appeared. And a troll, and the blood elf from before. They were coming at him from different directions: They had caught up with him and soon had him more or less surrounded.

Many would be surprised of how well the little gnome managed to keep the Hordes busy. Waving his arms around like crazy, Shadowbolts flew in all directions. A meteor crushed a troll and from it a great Infernal rised. Many of them started suffering from great inner pain in his precense and a helpless Goblin fell prey to his ability to litterally suck the life out of his enemies. But the circle of Horde got tighter and it was simply too much. He managed to parry a sword with his dagger, but it knocked him to the ground. An orcish axe flew through the air, aiming at is throat. It hit a pile of green dust on the grass.

None are so full of tricks as Warlocks, this was yet another one. His well-prepared portal had hid him in a small cabin, the last outpost before the base. In there were a green shard located. He took it, and let it restore his powers for a minute but then set off again before they figured out where he had gone. He could hear them yelling outside and could not resist another wicked snicker.

He entered the tunnel, ran upwards towards his goal, towards victory and the end of this war. On the way he stepped into a bright light which made his shoes glow heavenly allowing unthinkable speed by foot. He rushed for the Main Chamber, but someone stood in the door. The Undead Rogue had seen through his tricks and were back to fully claim his gnome. Warlen took a right turn and were once again outside, on a path leading to the roof. The rogue with his immense speed hunted his tail with blades swinging just inches away. An epic battle took place, or rather a wild chase in which the gnome flew around with glowing shoes dodging a million daggers that the just as quick rogue were handeling. The glow dissapeared. Warlen fell to the ground exhausted. Sro'gael were breathing heavily, but stood above him victorious, grinning. He prepared his poison-dripping dagger once again. One thought passed through Warlens mind: "Damnit".


The dagger never reached its goal. As he were about to take the life of his prey Sro'gael had stopped, his face had looked like he just remembered the worst memory of his life. He fell to the ground shivering. Warlen looked up at the silhouette of a human, then let a wide grin spread across his face. "There you are." he said while getting up on his feet. "Decided to finally drop by?".

"You can't even survive a single rogue while I'm gone?" Zaidain Darkheart chuckled to himself. "Should I carry you perhaps?"

Warlen dusted off his clothes. "You have just been feasting on some poor soul while I've run all over the place like a leeping gnome, don't be so cocky."

Zaidain grinned.

"Besides," Warlen said, "if it comes to just you and me we both know very well who is crying afterwards. And don't count that time when I had been unconcious for months while you were out reading dusty books!"

"Fuck off" said Zai. "Get going already will ya? I'm not finished with this one."

Warlen walked up to the edge of the roof and glanced back at the two. Zai were holding a hand out, mumbeling. He felt sorry for the rogue, as he started glowing purple. Even though they were both warlocks, Zai had such an evil way of doing things. "Oh well" he thought and took two jumps down, placing himself at the ground floor in the Main Chamber. With a pleased sigh he walked up to the Alliance counterpart. He looked at the Horde artifact for a second. Then he placed the Red Flag next to the Blue one, and a loud horn could be heard.

The War was over.

Warlen couldn't help feeling awesome.

((A question to the reader: How long did it take to figure out where I am? ;)

Included in this story is a tribute to my good friend Sam, who have been half my warcraft through the years. He is represented by his char Zaidain.

Hope you liked it!))
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