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Memories, Mementos, and Muses

PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2011 7:55 pm
by Lianna
Her home in Darnassus always seemed like a tranquil place, grass growing on the floor, a tree sprouting from the soil, and various stone constructs that seemed to shine at times. She has always liked her home, and could never believe she managed to get herself to live in that place. But besides the squirrel which lived prior to her (and now with her), and at times the reagent merchant which passed at times, the place was possibly the most natural place for her to be at.

Of course, the place had changed over the years. When she simply started living there, there was nothing but her and her clothes. Everything else in that house has been gathered over the years. She looked around the various items, smiling. Each holds a special tale, one that she will always remember in her heart.

First, she laid her eyes on a seemingly simple feather. old quill, can't be used for writing any longer, and was since replaced for a newer quill, which is still in use. Strange that she held such a sentimental value for her, after all she simply ever wrote two words using that quill. But the words, oh, that's why the quill was so important. She used them to write two words, which meant everything to her then, at an event which changed her life, and only for the best. The two words simply were her name, private and surname.
She remembered standing there, with tarnished clothing, what she could find at the time, infront of four of her kin, which has since became close friends to her, or more. One she became as close as a real sister would, and another was well.. A lot more than just a friend. She wasn't the first to use the quill, nor was she the last, as she passed the scroll to another sister to sign. But that was long ago, and many things changed.
The quill now rests, and will write no more, but she will take care of it, for the treasure that it was.

Her eyes laid on a simple piece of paper next, and once again she couldn't help but smile. In it were the first routes of her first ambitious project for the order. A hunt, but not of orcs, or food. A hunt that would challange the participants knowledge. This was the paper she used to write her first of her riddle hunts, and many other came since. She remembered the route, from Aldrassil, to Darnassus, to Darkshore, to Ashenvale, and then finally to Stonetalon. It was defenitely the first memorable event that she has arranged, and the event which got her her 'Wildheart' status at the order. She has since wrote a book with many other routes and riddles, but she gave that due to a certain reason. She hoped that the Shan'do, who took the book, will use it well, and hopefully for the safety and use of the order.
The paper is a memory, a fond memory, and she will always enjoy it, for the treasure that it was.

But not all memories are fond, she frowned, as her eyes laid at a piece of saddle. She remembered her old saber, And worse, she remembered what happened to her. At duskwood, and Deadwind, she was ambushed. The first time she could not manage to hold her own. As the undead beasts took her towards the tower, she could do nothing but despair. It was only with the help of then the highpriestess of the order that she has managed to return, but her saber was beyond saving. The only thing she managed to salvage was that piece, and she mourned the memory ever since.
Memories, for good or bad, are important, and thus is that piece, for the treasure that it was.

Various other items caught her attention: A tiara she wore at a friend's wedding, her pin that dictated her as senior of the order, a hammer she has received for her work in outland. Each with a tale of it's own, each with a memory, for better of for worse. Each is to remember, for the treasure that it was.

Two last items caught her attention.
A piece of clothing, the most important clothing item that she ever wore, rested neatly folded and clean in her chest. The symbol of the silver tree, in contrast of the purple color of the cloth itself. There was no question, this was one of her most important treasures that she has ever gathered. It is the symbol of her family, her home, her life. A life she still serves to this day, for trying to make it better for her, her family, and her friends. She hasn't wore the tabard officially in a long time, but she was always where the order was at, even if not wearing it.
That is a true symbol, and she will keep it, and still be part of it, for the treasure that it is.

The second piece, was a picture. The only picture of her, in fact. It was taken a bit over a year ago, at the lunar festival, by her sister, the high sentinel of the order. She wore a lunar gown in that picture, trying to look like her usual self, but couldn't. Long purple hair, silver eyes, a pendant of Elune on her neck, and a purple lunar dress, failing to hide a growing belly underneath it. Or perhaps, not even trying to hide it, she thought. She smiled, the only picture of her ever taken, is actually a lovely one, even if the technology used is.. Questionable.
A memory indeed, of the future, and of her friends, for the treasure that it is.

She smiled, content, looking towards the final piece of the puzzle. She stood there, with a bit of blue hair, and a smile of her face, looking towards her mother, proud. The mother smiled, putting the picture away, as her daughter took her very first steps towards her. She took her daughter in her arms, smiling at her brightly. She quietly said:
"Dear Aredel, you will always be my greatest triumph, for the treasure that you are."