What ever happened to MacGyver?

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What ever happened to MacGyver?

Postby Margheyva on Sun May 08, 2011 7:05 pm

From the diary of Baenrea Lasthope:

Atonement is a difficult process and one whose path seems ever lasting and ever entwined with the magic that has formed the core of my being for all these centuries. When I first started learning its secrets I felt that it would also grant me the power to unlock the secrets to life itself, as if Elune’s hand had granted me and others her blessing to do so – after all Azshara herself had said so and the Well had always been seen as a gift to our kindred so why should it not have been used?

It was that quest for knowledge that forged us and we celebrated our naming as the Highborne – a people set apart, who had the willingness to use what we had been given. How foolish we were… knowledge may be without bounds, but it can only be used if tempered by wisdom and we had so little available to us and no will to use it such was our arrogance.

There were some however, though oh so very few, who could see that our greed had formed an addiction. Once an addict to the power emanating from the Well, anything became justifiable and it was only once we few saw what we had brought upon our beloved land and people that reality brought down its cold wrath to temper our insatiable appetite.

The years up to and following the Sundering are known to our people. I played my part, small though it may have been, that lead to our great folly and an attempt to help avert it, but that does not reduce my shame for there is knowledge that even one hand turned in a different way might have changed the disaster we brought. I will not reiterate what is already known, but my shame does not end there.

We helped rebuild what once had been lost, but refused to be censured in our use of magic. Perhaps we were wrong, but many of us in that regard had learned our lesson. Our exile was gladly taken and whilst we split ways with those who would worship the Sun, we all knew what a gamble we continued to play and perhaps it is that knowledge that has stayed our hand from causing disaster since.

Disaster at least on a scale that would not be repeated. We still caused plenty of misery ourselves. A power that could sate our appetite was needed and an addict is willing to justify much, even after a lesson such as we learned. During that time I had a child with one whom I loved dearly but sacrifices had been called for and even I, so low and wretched, ever writhing in self pity, did not do all that I could to have prevented her being taken away by Tortheldrin and other Shen’dralar. I watched as her life ended, though no pleas for saviour came from her lips. I pray to Elune that her spirit was called to her side rather than be used to feed that demonic filth. Her eyes, oh those gleaming eyes full of the hope and purity that one might see in a moon well, simply looked at me and the message was clear. We had both failed at so much but our beloved son would always remain an innocent.

In the following years I devoted myself to him with my all my being. His innocence knew no bounds, but there was a will in him ever so strong. I conjured food to keep him entertained on occasion and whilst he showed no similar talent for magic he would cry out that he would one day be the greatest chef and feed all so that they might never go hungry.

Sacrifices continued and I feared it was only a matter of time before my son’s life would be given. I could not stand by and let this happen. I recalled the human I had once met whose name I gifted to my son. An able fellow he was who seemed to perform miracles using technology that I had otherwise believed could only be performed with magic – all just using that gnomish knife. I found reason to travel with Margheyva and gave him to that human of the same name who spirited him away to a Kaldorei village in the hope that when found he would be taken into our former people’s care.
I prayed that his memories of me would fade away with youth however my longing to know that he was safe did not dissipate.
Our people moved on and things had improved during that time. I foreswore using magic except in dire need and my ability to cast the arcane energies diminished with time as did my greed for it. This perhaps made it more easy for me than most. After all much had indeed changed, where some of us have left our bastion of Eldre’Thalas and with the acceptance of the High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind we have returned to the fold of the Kaldorei. Although we shall remain watched and untrusted we have accepted this as our fate and with good cause. We all had our share of misdeeds that remained forever heavy on our shoulders, but it was a weight that each and every one of us chose to bear for the sake of our people and all that they had rebuilt from our folly.
It was in Darnassus that I happened upon my son again and simply because he had a name that no other might bear and a dream to do good no matter what. He had no recollection of me and it was my fear that he would hate me for abandonment and what I had let happen to his mother that I chose not to make our relationship known. He told me all that had happened, how his ‘family’ had been slaughtered by demon and orc, how he had taken to using the bow in Elune’s service and how he still dreamed to be a great chef. We both chuckled over how he had only ever mastered how to bake bread, although the embarrassed flush to his cheeks only spoke to me that his will to do anything had not disappeared.

We corresponded with each other frequently. Our friendship was easy and I held in hope that maybe the bond between us had not been so weakened through the years and weak memory. He told me how he had joined like minded Kaldorei whose will to protect our people matched his own dreams. He told me of how he had been inducted by two people who had made an impression upon, one called Eliinor whom he gazed upon yet felt giddy everytime he did and another to whom he could only stare at such was his awe.

Margheyva told me of his journeys and all that he had achieved, how his skill with the bow ever improved and how he continued to ensure subsistence through the bread that he baked. He travelled into ever more dangerous lands and I often told him to remain careful, but such was his commitment to saving others that he ever trod on.

His letters stopped and over the days and weeks my heart began to sink. I put on my mage robes and travelled after him, following him down the path that his letters had told me. I saw first hand the deeds that he had achieved and memory of his name had not gone unnoticed. The path grew cold and despite my ardent searches I could not find what had happened to him. Perhaps he had died performing a deed befitting of his kind spirit, I can only pray to Elune that he did not die alone. I pray to this day that he is in fact not dead and continues to score good deeds although time has a way of proving a denied truth no matter how unwelcome.
My fate does not end here and despite all that has happened one truth has shone through. My dear son, dear kind Margheyva knew something that my centuries of life had failed to teach me. It is only something that I can learn through this bitter hindsight. Atonement for one’s crimes cannot be achieved if it is only seeking to make amends and bury guilt away in the dark recesses of one’s memories. He did not do the things he did for those reasons, his motives were selfless and not idly born out of that ever lasting innocence that he somehow had retained. If there is one truth that I might learn, despite its heavy cost, it is a truth that I will hold dear to me and carry out in his memory, his mother’s memory and my memory of the horror I had helped cause. My son found a group to help him do what must be done and I will seek to join them too and take up where his path left off.

I finish writing this journal with my travel robes on once again as I head off to find this Eliinor and the other whose awe only ever inspired wordless stares from my dear child.
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