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Postby Mochara on Fri May 20, 2011 5:56 pm

Zul'fon pushed the door open with her shoulder and emerged into the pale morning light of Durotar, the candlelight from the hunt creating an eerie glow from the doorway. She paused for a moment and wiped her hands on the white bloodstained tunic worn around her neck. Slumping next to the orc and his wolf on the ground she sighed and looked up towards the sky, reluctant to speak. The two figures sat in silence for minutes, neither willing to address the other before the large wolf at their feet growled angrily.

"Well Zul'fon?" the orc questioned simply, the worry was obvious in his voice.
"She be alive..." she muttered, almost to herself "I don' know when she be waking up, if she ever be." her voice cracked as she spoke.
"How long?" he raised his voice slightly in anger
"How long she bin' like tha'? It be impossible to tell. Her wounds closed an' opened more than the doors of Orgrimmar, she obviously be still fightin' even wit' them but it almost be killin' her. She been breathing blood for weeks now there be that much of it in da lungs, her ribs be smashed to pieces an' her arm torn" she spoke slowly, staring at the blood on her tunic. Zul'fon took a breath and then paused, clearly thinking twice about whatever she was about to ask. "Tha little girl'?" she looked towards the orc curiously, suddely realising how little they had seen each other since the first meeting
"Well looked after in an Orphanage. There's no sense telling her anything until we have to, they've met little." he answered as she nodded in response and slumped back even further against the wall.
"None of us eva' forgot..." muttered Zul'fon as her eyes flickered shut.
"No, we didn't..." came the weary reply.

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