Shylaev Bladeflurry

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Shylaev Bladeflurry

Postby Tylara on Sat Jun 04, 2011 1:45 am

Shylaev Bladeflurry

Shy was born in Ashenvale 438 years ago. She was raised in Astranaar, after losing her parents in assault made by satyrs at age of only eight. She was always interested in the Sentinel army and after learning her mother was part of the Sentinels she used most of her free time following and listening Sentinels and other warriors as much as she could, and when she couldn't, training in art of using differend sharp objects to fight with, but always favoring swords and other blades.
But after reaching adulthood she was turned down by the Sentinel army due being too reckless and impatient. She then adopted the life of a hunter and ranger, wandering and hunting down smaller threats and solving broplems which needed force and less cunning to deal with. This lifestyle taught Shy much about patience and other virtues of a warrior. She learned to strike from the shadows of the forests, to use her recklessnes to her own benefit and even controll it to some extent in battle.
In the Third War Shy helped Sentinels by doing some risky scout missions and dealing with straglers and other easy targets. Later shes been helping the Alliance to some extent, but keeping to her own among other races. Lately she came back from Northrend due her growing worries about Ashenvale, Hyjall and other night elf lands, and shes now seeking the company of her own kind to deal with these worries and reasons behind them. But not interested in joining the Sentinels anymore after learning more about herself she sought out the Natures Grasp.

This is background I made for Shylaev, because I haven't played with Tylara very much after joining to the guild. Please correct if I've made lore or other errors in the story. I'll try to slowly and shyly join more into rp in the nearby future with Shy. I will play her as a quite quiet and shy one at start developing her character from there.
Should I btw change Shylaev to be my main character here in forums in the profile settings? Cause I like to consider her as my main in the guild.
(no puns intended with the word shy):D
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