Venesira Winsworth (My Human Paladin)

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Venesira Winsworth (My Human Paladin)

Postby Evesia on Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:00 pm

(( A small background story that I wrote a while back for my Paladin, Venesira. I was talking about it ingame so decided to post it here! ))


Venesira Winsworth was born into a family that held strong and noble blood, those who inhabited and protected the once magnificent kingdom, Stromgarde. Though this is nothing more than a tale to Venesira, she holds the thought dearly to her and holds her noble head up high.

Derain Winsworth was a courageous man who dedicated his young life defending the innocent while taking sword to those who threatened his kind. At the age of 18, Derain was ordered to defend Stormwind against the Orcs who threatened the lands of his home. The battle had started long before he joined though he gave his sword and honour to defending the kingdom until his homeland was safe. After a long and tedious battle Derain lay low to collect himself and his thoughts when he met Agatha. Agatha was a village girl who lived within the bounds of Northshire. Setting his eyes upon her one afternoon when at the Abbey, Derain’s heart punctured in a way no Orc’s blade would allow. He fell for her on that very day and made it his duty to find out her name. Agatha quickly fell for Derain just as he did for her and as time passed they were married in that very Abbey in which their eyes first met.

It was 24 years ago that Agatha and Derain Winsworth first fixed their eyes and witnessed a vision of beauty that they could not have possibly anticipated. They saw the face of their first and only child, Venesira, for the very first time. The Winsworth family lived in the luscious greenery of Northshire in Agatha’s family home, still close to Stormwind in which Derain visited from time to time. Though still scarred from the torments of battle he dedicated his time to his wife and daughter. Years had passed until the word of the north grew, Prince Arthas had moved from Lordaeron to Northrend to track down the plague’s source though he had fallen to the power of the cursed Frostmourne. Derain, in his courageous and honourable ways decided that he must give his aid.

The night was calm and warm though a battle was brewing bigger than anyone could have anticipated. Derain told Agatha his decision. She pleaded with him and cried that he must stay but there was no hope, his mind was made up.

“You know I love you, Agatha. You and Venesira are the reason I live and by leaving you for a short time now, I can return to you with a gift. The gift of hope within a world of peace” he smiled at her as he kissed her forehead softly. “I – I don’t want you to go, Derain, though I know all I can do is support you. I will wait for your return. Please keep your heart safe for it is entwined and kept with my own, that I gave you when we first met.” Agatha took her hand and placed it on Derain’s chest, feeling his heart beating. He embraced her with a kiss. Moments later Derain entered the bedroom of the sleeping Venesira. He kissed her head and whispered to her “Daddy will be back soon, dear, and he loves you so much” The nine year old, waking up slightly at the sound of the last few words looked up into her father’s eyes and said the words “I love you too, daddy” before drifting back off to sleep.

Derain left for the North, fighting and giving aid to those around him, first in Lordaeron where the plague was spreading. He became close and found a friend with a man called Henthen Smith, they then travelled to Northrend. Upon entering Northrend with other forces, the cold ghastly air tormented those all around. Holding the thoughts of his dear wife and daughter close to him, Derain was able to pull the courage to fight from within his soul. Some time passed as the battles grew longer.

After a while of being away he could not withstand the force of the Lich King for much longer. Derain Winsworth was a courageous and strong man but the cursed and corrupted forces were too much. He was corrupted. He was mere minion and puppet under the command of who he set out to destroy. He was a Death Knight. As Derain laid havoc on those he once battled with side by side in Northrend, he was recognised by Henthen. Struck by terror of what had become of his old friend Derain, Henthen retreated from Northrend to give word to Agatha what had become of her beloved.

Venesira visited the Abbey a lot with her family as she grew up, it still holding a special bond for her which made her feel close to her Father. From time to time the Cathedral in Stormwind was visited. It was on a visit to Stormwind Cathedral when Venesira was approached when she was just 16. The man spoke of the Holy Light and explained to Venesira that she could use this if she followed the rules of the Cathedral. Years passed and Venesira grew stronger in mind and power.

After thinking long and hard about the path in which she should take, Venesira approached her mother.

“I wish to visit Northrend, to cleanse the corrupted and help the fall of the Lich King come to pass, Mother” she said, dignified though she could sense her mother’s heart breaking once again. “Venesira, please stay, the cold North is not a place for us, it isn’t safe. I don’t want you to meet the fate of your father, dear. Think of your father, his wishes” Agatha pleaded. “Father would want me to be courageous; he would want me to fight for the good of our humanity” Agatha, tears streaming down her face nodded and held her daughter close.

Cleansing and purification of the lands in Northrend was tough and Venesira worked hard amongst the others of her kind to bring refuge back home to their people. She travelled to Dragonblight to give aid and as time passed, she travelled to the north to Icecrown. The presence felt in Icecrown was like no presence Venesira had ever experienced in her young life. Her spine felt a constant shiver and her soul felt gripped and tightened. The Light continued to guide her and after a long and tedious battle the Lich King had finally fallen.

On her travels back to the lands of Northshire, Venesira’s heart was struck as she heard the word of Deathwing’s destruction on the rest of Azeroth. Upon her return to her home, she was mortified at the sight of the flamed and scarred land which lay before her. Orc’s surrounding the once fresh vineyards. Panic struck through her. “Mother!” she gasped as the destruction blazed before her eyes. A nearby guard who recognised her spoke to her, telling her of the news. Looking up at the walls of the familiar Abbey, Venesira entered one of the rooms. She fixated her eyes on an older looking woman, still beautiful with graceful aging. Venesira smiled as she embraced her mother.
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