Biography of Calithildes (Updated but unfinished)

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Biography of Calithildes (Updated but unfinished)

Postby Calithildes on Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:41 am

Calithildes, The crazy bird-lady.

((An idea of how Calithildes could look like. Made by Defiant Arts.))

Name: Calithildes

Age: 2713

Birthplace/Residence: Auberdine/Wilderness

Class: IC: Birdmistress / OOC: Huntress.

Specialisations: Shortswords, shortbows, throwing daggers, stealth and a little druidism.

Talents: Birdspeak, bird anatomy, foraging.

Appearance: A rather small, skinny and swift moving elf. Has a kind face with several clawmarks on it. Has long, darkblue hair, mostly in a ponytail. Wears a suit of black leather armor, decorated with a few feathers. Wears an elven shortsword and a shortbow. Several throwing daggers are strapped to her boots, legs and vest. Wears two quivers, both filled with black arrows. Beside that she wears a travelbag and three pouches.

Personality: A rather socially disturbed person due to relative isolation. Mainly acts birdlike, has birdlike bodylanguage and moves like a bird. Acts kind of immature for her age. Generally kind to most beings. Has problems understanding others bodylanguage. Dislikes people that hurt or mock birds. Worships Aviana devotedly. Mainly restless, hates pondering and very outgoing. Not often found in settlements.

Companions: Ythralas (Large Forest Owl) Ythralia (Small Forest Owl) Kaerytael (Spirit Owl, oftenly called "Dear")

Relatives: Calitael and Eliathildes (Parents, both deceased)

Mate: Kaerytael (deceased)

Closest friends: Birds and Ithani (not sure icly)

Early Life:

Calithildes was born in Auberdine and lead a very peacefull life. As a young child, she rarely spoke but always had a smiles on her face. She never had any friends and allways kept her distance to strangers. She could not relate or socialize with other elves, the reason why she only had a small colourfull bird for a friend. She had everything a small girl would wish for, eventhough she rarely asked for anything. Coming from a prosperous and loving family, she had no cares or worries. This abruptly ended on her 106th birthday.

A journal entry of "Calitael", Auberdine:
"We have never seen our daughter this frightened. Her nightmares dont seem to stop. Every night it is the same. She wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming for her mother. She claims a sinister owl was standing in the windowpane, staring at her silently. She says it's gaze is so horrifying, she can't move. We recently started to lock the window every night. The next morning it is opened and unsecured. Something odd is going on here. I must inform one of the elders!"

Nearly a year passed and her "nightmares" continued, even escalating to the point she didnt want to sleep anymore. She isolated herself, confined to her own room. She sat in front of the window day in day out, almost as if she was waiting for something. Her only contact with the outside world was her colourfull bird friend and the sinister owl, still visiting her every night in her "nightmares". She got heavily depressed, only fueling her fright for the owl. Her body was deteriorating, her face became pale and sad. She stopped speaking from there on.

Another journal entry of "Calitael", Auberdine:
Today it is our little Cali's 107th birthday, which reminds me of the events of the past year. It has been a year since her bad dreams started. Sadly, it has changed Calithildes dramatically. She avoids contact and has stopped speaking. She had such a peacefull voice. But there is hope. I believe she smiled fainty when we sang for her, and she seemed to like the praises and attention. I could not be any happier.

(The next writings seem rushed)
Last night we were again awoken by Cali's horrified screaming. She had locked herself in her room so I had to slam it in. The window was opened again, and Calithildes was nowhere to be found. I searched the forest and turned the village upside down in an attempt to find our dear Cali. I haven't found a single clue of her whereabouts, not even a note. Eliathildes is doing her best to stay strong, but her eyes speak a grieving story of pain and loss. For the first time in a long while I am unsure of what to do. Elune, watch over our dear Calithildes!

((Will continue soon enough))
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