Reunion [Finished]

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Reunion [Finished]

Postby Seiya on Sun May 13, 2012 3:55 pm

While I've been thinking about my next character, this story popped into my mind as an introduction to her, its just a little short piece to get me used to writing smaller things as well as the longer novels I tend to go for. XD


Mirna was enjoying warmth of the early evening as she walked through the city with purpose, smiling warmly as she greeted her brothers and sisters who passed her, she had found her place easily within the sentinels and despite the loss of her family, she was content, knowing that they would not want her to loose herself in grief.

She was walking by the temple gardens when she saw a lone Kal’dorei sitting beneath a tree, seemingly cloaked by a troubling sorrow that pulled at Mirna’s maternal instincts, she looked young still. She reasoned that a few moments to see what was the matter would not hurt.

The sentinel slowly approached her, the other’s light blue hair was veiling her face as Mirna sat beside her, regarding the young woman beside her, “Such times are troubling for us all,” She murmured softly, breaking the silence.

The younger jumped having not heard anyone approach until gentle words broke the silence, she looked up to the other for seconds, her eyes widening in realisation to who it was, tears of overwhelming joy filled her eyes, Elune had listened to her prayers!

Mirna saw the face she had thought lost to her seconds before her arms were filled with her daughter. Her eyes closed as she held Kirrah tightly against her, not wanting to let her go for anything, whispering a quiet ‘thank you’ to Elune for guiding her daughter safely back to her, it gave her hope to someday find her mate alive, just unable to return to her. She pulled back after a few moments to look at her daughter, her fingers gently brushing away Kirrah’s tears, even as her own fell, she had grown up so much, there was a maturity in her eyes that had not been there when they had last parted.

“Where is father?” Kirrah asked as soon as she found her voice again, looking around expecting to see him there although by her mother’s expression she realised that he would not be there, the slight shake of Mirna’s head confirmed it, a soft choked sob escaped her as she drew herself against the elder again. She had been close to her father, he had always taken her out when she was young, he taught her how to track animals and identify herbs for their properties, he had taught her the safest way to trap and kill animals for food and how to use their skins and furs for clothing and armour.

Mirna stroked her fingers tenderly through Kirrah’s hair, they had always been close, but she had always been her father’s daughter, she held the younger in her arms, offering a quiet comfort to her, although seeing her daughter so upset was heart breaking, especially as it was a wound she could not soothe.

Together they sat in silence for a while until their emotions had settled and Mirna encouraged Kirrah to tell her everything she could about her adventures, although she was disapproving of some of what KIrrah told her, but the important thing was she was safe and Mirna was not letting her out of her sight alone again.

At length, she suggested seeking out the Guardians within her order, it was something that would keep the younger busy and out of too much trouble, she had a lot to offer and felt, perhaps somewhat biasedly that she would be an asset to the order.
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