Correspondence (of Lynnayla Firedawn)

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Correspondence (of Lynnayla Firedawn)

Postby Eavya on Fri Nov 09, 2012 6:53 pm

So... Arkil had to leave the game and all, but he and Lynn are such good friends, I decided that they couldn't go without ANY contact at all.
And since we can't play it out ingame, I thought this would be a nice little RP idea.


Dear Arkil,

If I had known about your bird earlier, I would´ve written you sooner!
I do hope this letter arrives swiftly, since it´s been so long since we have had contact.

I am really truly sorry I couldn´t be there to see you leave. My father had once again need of me, he always calls on me on the most impossible moments! But next time, do try and not leave so sudden. I was quite surprised to hear you had left, when I returned.
I hope everything is well? Have you found what you were looking for yet? I do hope so, I know it would make you so happy.

Everything is fine here in Darnassus. And a couple of weeks ago, I got the most surprising but also most wonderful news. Elune decided to bless me! It was actually quite a shock to hear, really unexpected. I mean... I'm still so young, children wouldn't have been on my mind for a long while to come. Kaldur and I are both very happy though and we're starting to get used to the idea.

There are some things the Order keeps busy with these days. Calisar started a Waystation in Stormwind, a refuge for our kin in that city. She got loads of help from Ithili and the other members of the Order, and the thing seems to be coming along quite nicely. I've visited myself a couple of times and offered my services in making portals, so more of the Order can get to the place swiftly.
There is something that has us worried though, which happened right here in the city. It involved a Druid of the Flame. We had him captured, but unfortunately he escaped! We're not sure if he survived however, since Khalida actually shot an arrow at him right before he disappeared before their eyes. Last night at the latest meeting, some of our brother druids decided they will have to do some research into these Druids of the Flame, since non of them really knows what they're about. Have you perhaps studied them? Perhaps you can help us with some information about them?

I really hope to see you soon again or find a letter from you instead. I do miss you a lot, I miss our talks and your company. Let me know when you plan to be back?


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