The strange creature...

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The strange creature...

Postby Mimerss on Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:47 am

A strange creature...

The sun shined bright, as it raised up, burning away the morning dew. The forest were quiet this morning. More quiet than usual. Remarkable.
Feiah raised from where she else had been sleeping the night over. The forest slowly began waking up, and the birds once more began their singing. Feiah did let out a sigh. Atleast the forest hadn't gone all quiet. She walked over to a nearby sea, letting her hands go into the cold water. It was nearly winter, and there wouldn't go long untill the forests of Ashenvale once more would be covered in cold snow. She sighed once more, speaking quietly to herself "Perhaps I should find myself some company." Beside her saber Fandallah, and the animals of the forest, she were all alone. She hadn't seen signs of her own kin for weeks.

As the hours passed, Feiah would collect berries from the forests bushes, and perhaps a few nuts from the forests ground, as she were taking her leave. She approached Fandallah, with a lightly smile. "Time to leave." she spoke in a gentle tone. The saber growled slightly as answer, before Feiah did slide onto the saber. Fandallah were perhaps not the most beautifull saber in the world, but she made a great friend, and protector aswell.

As they rode on their travel, they approached a man. He stood right on the road, infront of where Fandallah were about to plant her giant paws in her run. The man nearly got stomped down, but in the last second threw himself away. Feiah pulled the reins, making the saber turn and stop with a growl from deep down her throath. Feiah gently patted her saber on the head; "Relax.. Perhaps he needs help." The saber snorted slightly at her words, as she slided off it's back. "A-..Are you alright?" she spoke in a slight loud tone, however calm. The man did raise up, brushing off the dust, and some of the mud on his mail leggings. "Yes, I'm alright Elf" he spoke, with a rather irritated tone. Feiah frowned slightly, as she stood there looking at the man. The man were wearing a mail hood, wich were slightly blue, and golden. His shoulder pads the same colour, and so was the rest of his armour. "I need help." He spoke. Feiah raised an eyebrow. Help with what she thought, before asking the man spoke again. "An old friend of mine got burried in an old forest, not so long from here.. She were of your kin aswell. I would hear.. If.. You perhaps..." The man hesitated before finishing his setence. "If you perhaps could bless her grave. You'd look very much like a druid." He said with a slight grin, wich disapeared as fast as it came. Feiah did tilt her head slightly. Blessing a.. Grave? That was something she never had tried before. She stood there for a little while, thinking, lost in thought, untill the man coughed slightly. "A grave you say.. What kind of grave?" The man seemed rather reliefed from her answer, he replied "A Druid's grave. As I alredy said, an old mate of mine.. She meant alot to me." Feiah nodded slowly, one of those nods there always was a thought behind. However, she agreed with herself to help him, and the two started the travel to the said forest.

Days went by, and the skies looked rather cloudy, from what Feiah could see they would get snow in less than a hour. It didn't seem too well, it alredy were quite stormy, if they didn't put up a camp soon, they would end up in a snowstorm. "We need to set up camp." She spoke, her voice calm as always, however a slight sound of worryness could be heard. The man nodded, the man wich name were Kaladen. "I agree, those skies dosen't look too good!" He said with a grin. They found a nearby cave, and did quickly get a camp-fire sat up. "So.. How did you meet this friend of yours?" Feiah asked. The man's face showed a slight sadness, as he were staring into the camp-fires flames. "Well.. You see. I'm in this organisation.. We sort of are mercenaries. If the money are good, and the job are leagal, we do it..." Feiah did tilt her head, furrowing her brows. "Mercenaries?" She asked, a slight curiousness in her voice, together with a slight worryness. A mercenary... I never thought a mercenary would ask for -my- help... She were lost in thought once more, untill the man spoke again. "Well. She worked with us an-.." He didn't get further before a giant wind blow, full of snow, came into the came, turning out the fire. Feiah shuddered. There was something weird over that wind blow.. She peered at Kaladen.. He were looking at her aswell, perhaps he also felt it?
Feiah did pull her furr cape abit tighther around her shoulders, as she raised up to go out and look. The wind were blowing snow up under her robe, and she shuddered. She spoke calm and quietly "Calm down, we will no harm to you." Kaladen stood behind her, looking at her curiously, however slightly untrusting on what she were doing would work. But to his suprise the storm slightly calmed down, and the wind weren't so wild anymore. They went back insite the cave, waiting for the storm to take completly off. Feiah sat up against Fandallah, as she slowly slumbered into sleep.
When she opened her eyes the next day Kaladen were gone. Remarkable. She thought. She slowly raised onto her feets, walking over to the opening of the cave. She peered out, on the now snow covered forest. She could still see his foot prints, and sat her tarsk to follow them. It didn't take long time, before she found him hunting, apparently for breakfast. "Do not shot the animals." She spoke. She opened a pouch tied to her belt with leather straps, and showed him some of the berries, and nuts she had collected, before she even meet him. He peered over his shoulder suprised, but nodded with a slight smile. After they had ate some of the berries, and nuts they could do alittle more. Feiah slided onto her saber, and Kaladen sat behind her.

Finally they approached the tree, where the Sister were burried. Feiah slided off Fandallah, wich growled at Kaladen, since he took his time to get off, rather facinated by the giant saber. This forest is so dark, however beautifull due to the snow. She thought, peering up at the tree, and the grave. Kaladen waited by the site foot of the hill, wich the tree were on. Feiah kneeled at the grave, closing her eyes. She closed all the sounds around her, and only her own humming would she hear, as she slowly blessed the grave with flowers. As she opened her eyes, and were about to stand up, a creature from the top of the tree 'flew' down into her face, making Feiah fall over. She did let out a sort of scream, wich got burried under the thing wich now where in her face. It took a few seconds before she got her arms up to remove whatever she had gotten into her face. She peered right into two giant brow-greenish eyes, and she couldn't do other than smile, than she saw it were a moonkin baby. She slightly hugged the moonkin, wich did let out a small squeak, clearly happy that Feiah did hold her so close to her chest. She turned around, peering on Kaldaden wich was almost at her by now. He had ran up to her, as she saw her falling over. "Look what I found" She said with a grin. Kaladen peered at the moonkin for less than two seconds before breaking out "Luna!" Feiah furrowed her brows. "Luna?" she spoke with an confused voice. "Yes Luna... It were my friends companion.. "Oh.. I see.." She placed Luna under her furr-coat cape, to hold the cold moonkin baby hot.
Two weeks went by before Feiah were back in Darnassus, back to her studies, now with new companion...

I got inspired by all the stories, and thought you should hear how Feiah did meet Luna.. No, I aint any great story writer, and yes my grammer SUCK, but meh, I -RARELY- write anything like this, unless it is homework.. So you better be happy with it! :D
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