Perspective on the Warlock

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Perspective on the Warlock

Postby Celegorn on Thu May 29, 2014 3:14 pm

There is no night elf warlock.

Repeat a lie often enough and you will believe it. Night elves are not addicted to magic. The moonwells who are the heart of our cities? Nothing important, move along citizen. Night elves don’t practice arcane magic. Well we recanted publicly on this one. Night elves are just, fair and destined to establish an empire who will survive ten thousand years. Yes, and when we’ll go there we blow the world again. And lastly my preferred : There are no warlocks among the night elves. What! The greenish aura of the Demon Hunter is just a sign of their link to the forest, of course.

Excuse me I’m bitter but try to learn your craft from gnomes and dwarves and you’ll be bitter too. I suppose that gnomish druid or even the paladins among our people face the same problems. I’m just angry to see resources untapped and good people forced in the arms of the Satyrs or the Hammer just for studying efficient means to cow our enemies.

To be a warlock is not to be a demon worshipper. To be a warlock is not to be an enemy of the world. We are no more contractually obligated to eat kittens or sacrifice virgins than mages to scream “Power, Unlimited Power” when lighting their enemies up. What we must do is forsake our disgust and be ready to study the most unpleasant aspects of magic

To be a warlock is to study demons, to summon them and hear their stories. It is to read the grimoires of your enemies, putting your sanity on the line in hopes to divine their weaknesses. It is to bargain with lords from beyond for the true names of their enemies. It is to summon armies from the void and march against the enemies of all life.

When you see your summoned minions tear down the camps of the Shadow Council. When your lies lead two Nathrezim to march their armies’ one against another, then you understand what is to be a warlock. When you stand before a tear in the fabric of reality and you seal it with spells coaxed from the book of a cultist, you understand it.

To be a warlock is to understand fire. It is to be burned by magic and turn this flame against your enemies, until you see the minions of the Firelord burn like anything else. It is to have fire enough to turn dark temples and tentacled forests alike to ashes.

To be a warlock is like the Demon-Hunters of old, releasing the beast within and know the power of demonkind. It is to walk unnoticed in the camps of their worshippers and turn one against another in hopes to gain your favor. It is to turn their cults into your cults and send them against their former brothers.

To be a warlock is to drink the life of your enemies, regaining the immortality you lost by their fault. It is to know what animates your enemies and how it can sustain you. It is to know that when your adversaries stood against you, they were weighted, found wanting and their essence given to you who can use it for better purposes.

To be a warlock is to turn the very forces who threaten your world against themselves.
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