The Ancient of Lore - Info and Rules

Public forum for the writings of the members of the Order. Here you'll find background stories and other stories written by the members of the Order...

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The Ancient of Lore - Info and Rules

Post by Jondalar » Fri Aug 11, 2006 2:03 pm

The Ancient of Lore is the place to publish your stories if you're a member of the Order of Natures Grasp, and the place to read our stories if you're not a member.

Why are you not a member? *frown*

The forum is public, so anyone - member or not - will be able to read and comment the stories... Guests are not able to post fresh threads, but only read and reply on existing ones...

The tales stored here are character based pieces relating to our members, each connected to the World of Warcraft (there is a separate section for those unrelated to us or WoW)... Any replies/discussion should only contain matters regarding said stories... any threads going off-topic will be locked and irrelevant posts deleted...

If you have any problems with this forum or it's contents, please feel free to contact an officer ;)
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