Past actions.

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Past actions.

Postby Elysiah on Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:19 pm

Thoughts and feelings

Vionne felt the chill of Winterspring cut her like a blade, it was a pleasant feeling it reminded her she was home. Darnassus wasn't to her liking, nothing compared to the harsh yet beautiful Winterspring. She stared out into the vast snow that blanketed everything, her gut told her it was going to be an easy night. She walked along the snow trail leading to her home, her mind filled with thoughts of family and duty what had to be done and what could be done. "Elysiah." She said with a low voice as if saying her very name would bring doom upon her. "From the very moment I met you, I thought what reason did they have to leave you, I watched as my daughter defied me by keeping you, If she knew back then what she knows now I wounder would she of still kept you?" She questioned her gaze focused on the night sky.

All at once her concentration was broken by the slight sound of footsteps in the snow, Some fool was following her, a person she knew all to well. "Kesha. You know better then to follow me out here. I trust you have a good reason to do so." She said her voice much colder then before. Kesha slowly crept from behind a tree her eyes fixed on the floor, she knew she'd done wrong. "Mother, welcome home. How was your trip to Darnassus?" She replied in a timid voice.

"Eventful. I met some interesting people as well as finding out a few pieces of information, none of which you should have concern over, now why did you follow me?" Vionne asked once more turning her head slightly watching her daughters response.

"Well. we haven't seen each other in quite some time. Well I mean not just the two of us, Remember you promised to train me if you deemed me strong enough? Well when do you think we can begin? Tonight seems good. Right?" She answered her voice lacking any confidence she crept a little closer to her mothers side, She was crouched, wary of her like a prey were to a predator.
Vionne simply sighed at her daughters actions she looked so pathetic in that moment. she slowly turned away from her daughter. "Tell me Kesha, do you believe yourself strong enough that training with me would help you in anyway?" Kesha paused for a moment to ponder her mothers question looking more relaxed now she simply answered "No. That wasn't why I chose to follow you tonight. I just wanted to spend some time with you."

"And you believed training with me would be a good way to get this mother daughter time you crave? Tomorrow I will seek to spend time with my family, tonight however I simply wish to be alone with my thoughts."

"Has something happend?" She asked her curiousness getting the best of her.

"It is none of you concern, I shall deal with it."

Found this one while I was clearing some documents, One of the ones I didn't finish, Enjoy.
OOC info:
This was after Vionnes first visit to Darnassus, where she met Aariam and Evesia(if memory recalls)
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