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Past and Future.

Postby Mimerss on Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:00 am

..Right. So while reading this, bear in mind that I wrote this during the early morning, in my morning haze, on my iphone in a note. It might not be great, and the timeline might not be perfect, but I surely did my best. Hope you enjoy! Alsooo.. This is a story for my Orc, but I thought I'd share it with you :D

Born during the second war, Rashka only knew to the sound of steel, clinging as they met in a fierce battle for life and death. Often on the run, her and her mother had to hide, seeing as Rashka still were too young to be left alone.
In an early age her mother, a warrior, started to train her to fight with swords. On her 10'th year birthday she were gifted one big two-handed sword, whom once belonged to her father, also once a great warrior.
Honored by the gift, she would continue to train as a warrior. Although plate amour were hot and heavy, which she very much disliked, she did not want to dishonor her family. At the age of 15, her mother is brutally slaughtered in battle. Rashka would wait for days in their cave, waiting, only to realize that she had been killed. In sadness, and anger she left the cave with her belongings.
For three years she lived alone, hunting during night, and hiding during day. She kept her training up everyday in her new-built home, or well, a cave decorated with paintings and items from their old cave, placed in Arathi Highlands.
At the age of 18, she decided that she had enough of hiding in fear. She had heard rumors, while sneaking around at night, that a strong fearsome clan, The Warsong clan, had taken a hold at Hammerfall. She decided to investigate the place a little more during nightfall. What she found interested her; a few orcs sitting by a campfire, whilst some were busy training both at the dummies, but also sparring the clinging steel reminding her of her past, and the good times with her mother.
She watched them for as long as she could before returning to the cave, packing her things. She set off in the early morning, in her long lost mothers plate amour, and her fathers sword held tightly in her hand. As she arrived at Hammerfall the guards stopped her. "Stop. Who there?" Said one of them. He looked strong, and the scars on his face told her that he had seen many battles.
She grunted a little, sheating her sword to look less intimidating. "I be Rashka. Daughter of Aggrona, an' Gronargsh. An' I be wishin' ter join yer clan." She eyed the both of them for a while, wearing no expression on her face. The older, more scarred guard arched a brow. He nodded slightly with a grin on his face. "Alright if you say so. But you gotta talk with one of our elders about that."
Rashka scratched her chin a little, before following as the guard led her into the camp. What caught her eye at first were all the orcs, whom didn't seem to mind her at all. She snorted as she watched them spar and practice; She was caught with a feeling of belonging here. Her feeling were abruptly interrupted though, as an Orc clad in amour ran into her pushing her into the older guard. She let out a slight growl as she got back up, the guard just staring at her annoyedly. "Watch your feet, eh?" She mumbled a bit as they finally made it to the said elder. He eyed her curiously. "An' who be ye?" He said.
"I be Rashka. Daughter of Aggrona an' Gronargsh. An' I wish ter join yer Clan." The old orc arched a brow, as his eyes inspected her. "A'right. Bu' ye gotta prove yerself. If ye can defea' one of t'orcs in this camp durin' a spar, yer in. Otherwise ye'll 'ave ter leave."
Rashka stared at him for a while. A slight fear caught in her eyes. A spar? She thought. She had never in her life cut something that were not an animal. How were she ever supposed to fight an Orc with more experience than her? She blinked her eyes a few times grunting. She then nodded her head.  Knowing not what she had agreed to.
She were presented to a rather big muscular Orc. She looked at him with a slight fright in her eyes. His face were scared, and he lacked an eye. He smelled of sweat, and blood. Rashka frowned. How were she ever supposed to defeat him? No she thought, don't give up now, find his weaknesses! Her gaze went to his lacking eye. Maybe he wouldn't see her too good if she came from that side..? She grunted. Suddenly he charged towards her; The fight had begun. They were suddenly encased by Orcs, cheering and yelling. "Fight fight fight.." It filled her head with confusion, and suddenly she felt a pain she never felt before. He had cut her arm. Though the plate took most of the impact, she had still been cut. A deep slash wound. The blood ran down her arm as she blinked, finally gaining her concentration back. She locked her gaze on him as she lifted the heavy sword up. She sprinted to the side, or rather as much as it is possible in plate amour, and swung her sword towards the side of the Orc, which he parried with a slight ease. It were followed with a hit from above, which Rashka parried with her sword, the force making her feet slide slightly backwards on the dusty ground. Growling slightly she sidestepped him, swinging her sword right towards his face. It hit. Her eyes widened as she could see the blood flowing down from the Orcs face. The wound were deep, and it had cut a hole through his cheek so that she could see straight into his mouth. The Orc roared in pain, and instantly swung his sword towards her, in a flurry of swings. She parried and ducked away from the sword, and as he finally seemed to stop she were able to kick the legs away under him. She stepped towards him quickly pressed the tip of the sword towards his throat. She had won. Somehow. A feeling of relief surged through her body as she stepped back. The Orcs encasing them in a ring went quiet. They then suddenly cheered loudly yelling in excitement. The elder smirked, nodding. "A'right. Ye've proved yer worth, welcome ter t'Warsong clan."
A grin grew on her face as she threw her hands into the air, cheering. "I will no' disappoint ye!"  
That night they shared tales around the campfire, and she heard things she never had heard of before. Old stories about the wars, and even some more personal stories. She were up till the early morning, just listening to their stories. Wether they were true or not, she did not care of at this time.
During the next five years she trained hard every single day, and would every now and then have skirmishes with the Arathorians.
As the years went, Rashka grew tired of fighting. It simply weren't as fun and interesting anymore. And some day, she decided that it were her time to see the world, and see if the tales she had heard over the years around the campfire held any truth. She said bye to her closest friends and left during the morning. She packed the saddle satchels on her bellowed wolf Duskmaw. She had heard rumors of a new continent. An exotic place, which apparently were full of talking pandas. Lots of thoughts went through her head during the travel, as she sucked all the new things in.
She arrived in Undercity two weeks after leaving Hammerfall. She paid what little gold she had gotten during the years at the camp, for a zeppeline to Orgrimmar. The flight took several days, but when they finally arrived Rashka were amazed by the city. She went to an inn, to rest over the night, finally getting some sort of food that weren't as disgusting as it had been on the zeppeline. There weren't just Orcs in the inn. But also goblins, taurens and blood elves. She grunted a little, not seeming too happy about all the people. She went to the furs early that night.
The next day she got in contact with a person whom offered her a deal. He wanted her to fight for the horde at the new continent. And what did she get from it? Free food and transport to there. She said yes to it, and already the next day she were on her way to Pandaria.
A month later they arrived, oddly enough without any problems during the flight, and what caught her eyes at first sight amazed her; A green forest, with animals and life everywhere. It looked like a paradise, full of resources. It seemed like a good start for the Horde.
The next week she spent helping the Horde build a hold, and during her guard she would often ponder which secrets the place might hold.
During a skirmish with the Alliance Rashka got badly injured. Her own kin leaving her behind to what she thought would be her death. Her head filled with thoughts. This Horde that she thought would protect her, like she would protect it, just left her laying there in the dirt. What a way to die she thought. Suddenly, a shadow emerged out of nowhere. Her tired eyes following it the best they could, and as it came closer she could make out that it were a Pandaren. She closed her eyes, being too tired and suffering from bloodloss to stay away. She passed out.
When she woke up, her eyes were blurry, and she could only make out a wooden roof, and a smell. A strong smell of delicious food. Her stomach growled, and finally one of the pandarens let out a "She woke up, she's awake!" Rashka blinked, turning her blurred sight to the pandaren that just spoke "W-..wat-.." She got out. The pandaren, which by the way were a female, blinked. "Water? Oh, yes yes, of course!" The pandaren rushed out of the room, returning quickly with a mug of water which she held to Rashka's lips, helping her drink. "Whe-.. Where be.. I..?" She said, her voice hoarse. "You're in my home! My husband found you dying in the forest, injured badly. He brought you here, and I fixed you up. You've been asleep for a week."
Rashka's eyes widened. Had she really been gone that long..? She touched her side, where the sword that hit her had gone through. She remembered yes. Fighting off Humans from here and there, and then suddenly the piercing pain that emerged in her side. She fell over, clutching her heavily bleeding side. She got herself dragged out and away from the skirmish, a trail of blood behind her.
She looked at the Pandaren. "Tha-.. Thank ye.." The pandaren smiled putting a finger over her lip. "Shh.. Rest. You need it. Do you want a bowl of soup?" Rashka nodded eagerly, as she slowly got up, sitting against the wall. The pandaren shortly returned with a bowl of soup that smelled heavenly. Rashka was so eager to just eat something that she almost burned her tongue. The pandaren giggled. "Easy now... There's more than enough left!"
Rashka smiled slightly as she ate the soup, now in a slight slower pace. "Wha'.. Wha' be yer.. Name?" The pandaren arched a brow, smiling back. "My name? Oh! My name is Sujing." Rashka nodded. "Me name be Rashka. Thanks fer takin' care of me." She put the now completely drained bowl down beside her. The pandaren smiled. "Rest now. You need it." She nodded, laying down, falling into a deep sleep.
The next many months she would forget about the Horde, for she had started training again. This time without a sword. She trained to be a monk. Everyday she would meditate, and train the same move over and over. She were presented with a new set of amour, that were no plate. But leather. She wore it just as proudly as the set of amour her mother once wore. Her training would increase for each day that went on, getting harder.
As a year passed, she were gifted new swords. Or rather, katanas. She wore them with pride, just as she had worn her fathers. Another year passed, and she now knew most of the things that a monk should know. She decided that, although she loved her new pandaren family, she would have to return to her own kin. To find a purpose. She hugged Sujing tightly. "Thanks fer everythin'. Ye've changed me life. In a good way." She smiled widely, and Sujing nodded. "We'll miss you, make sure to visit us some day!" Rashka nodded. "I promise I will."
As she left that day, a lot of thoughts went through her head. Both from her past, and from what her future might bid her.
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