Karasha - Hatred

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Karasha - Hatred

Postby Mimerss on Sat Aug 23, 2014 8:52 am

Yet another story written in a note on my phone.. This is becoming a bad habit. Anyway, excuse my spelling errors if there's any! Also I hope you guys don't mind me posting Orc stories here..?<3

I snorted.. Stalking off once more towards the crack, watching everything as I crouched down in the shades of a big rock. My eyes went over the Humans and Orcs fighting eachother. Humans.. I had always hated them, and several events in my past did not help them. My hatred had grown big indeed, yet I still had an ingrown fear for them, or rather, from what they had done to me and my Sister. I had always been the one protecting Vanara.. Lately we've fought a lot, her words had hurt me.. My tongue licked my sharp tusk as I snorted. No.. No time for thinking about that now. I had fixated my eyes on a Human. He seemingly were worn out as he cut an Orc clean over. I spat as the upper body of the Orc hit the ground.. "Idiot.. Bloody idiot.." I murmured. Obviously I were talking about the Human. I had already sneaked up closer to him, my target decided. As I were in close enough, my dagger went clean through his side. As I twisted my dagger, pulling it back out, he screamed in agony. My hand went to the helmet he were wearing, pulling it clean off, only to grab by the back of his head, pulling in his hair and digging my nails into his skull. He were struggling already, not liking my grib on his head. Due to my past I knew quite a bit of Common. I leant my head in by his ear whispering. "I have no mercy fer yer race.. Jus' like ye 'ave none fer mine.. 'Owever.. I 'ave 'ornor. Wether ye deserve mine or no' time will show.." My lip curled up over my tusk in a smirk. I had already placed my dagger upon his throat. "Do ye deserve a clean death.. Or no'?.." The Human squirmed, not knowing what to say. "L-..light he-.." His words were cut short as I cut his head clean off, his body going limb falling onto the ground with a loud thud. I snorted, staring straight into the now lifeless eyes of the Human I just had beheaded. That's when I heard it.. "Swoosh." I turned around only to see a glimt of light flashing from the head of an arrow. I held the head up infront of me. The arrow pierced the back of the Humans head, going straight through his eye-socket. I snarled, more annoyed that I had been spotted than anything else. I sprinted off towards the side of the battle scar, whistling for my wolf. As it came running towards me I tucked the Humans head away into my satchel, grabbing the saddle of my wolf lifting myself onto it whilst it still were in full run. Not looking over my shoulder I returned to Hold.

"Light.. Pffaf!" I snarled somewhat as I sat down ontop of one of the towers, watching. "I'll be watchin' ye Humans.. So look over yer back.." I laughed to myself with a sort of evil and hatred displayed more than ever before. "..Keep watchin'.."
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