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Post by Aariam » Sat Mar 28, 2015 8:49 pm

Part I

The leaves had scrambled together to form nothing, or so Calisar had claimed. At first, she had taken the premonition to mean the absolute worst; a void where her future had once been, now only replaced by nothingness. The thought was soon replaced with another, and Aariam would scoff at the idea of losing her future – a preposterous thought. It was only a small invasion by a insubordinate orc, and whatever her relation was to this sin’dorei prisoner was it didn’t matter. It was not the first blood elf I have killed, nor will it be the last. Yet, what did the tea leaves speak of then? Was there truly nothing there, or had Calisar lied? And if she lied, what future was she trying to cover up?

A few weeks later, laying in her sleeping bag inside the tower at Raynewood, Aariam wondered how “all hell breaks loose” would’ve been translated into a shape of tea leaves.

It had begun with a challenge; a torn tabard of her order, pinned to the very same place where she had left her executed prisoner. She hadn’t even stayed with him long enough to hear the last splutter, the last attempt to breathe through an ocean of red, the tears still hot on his cheeks. She had left him there as a message, and she had gotten her answer.

Not long after, she had been accosted by an assassin. The man had tried to shoot her with a crossbow, but failed miserably. He spoke of being hired by the Stormwind Council to spread chaos within the order; a story that sounded plausible for about as long as it took the would-be assassin to escape their grasp. The man disappeared into the waters of Stormwind’s harbour the very same night he was caught.

Things did not get any better; Aariam would find the mark of the Red Wolf carved into the side of her house, three triangles mocking her and her illusion of relative safety. When she saw the insignia’s glaring crudeness staring back at her from her wall was the first time she felt a sting of regret of executing the blood elf. Usually, the battle and any repercussions ended with her on the battlefield, but this time they had struck home. The place where her two children played and grew had now been turned into a stage for revenge between the Wolf and the would-be saber. Aariam Nightborne was, for once, truly scared.

Her first decision was to move the children to the Temple. They’d be safer there, but the guilt was overwhelming. This was not the first time Aariam had to hide her children, nor was it the first time she had to spend time away from them. Yet, who could she blame but herself? There is only one person in this world who puts your children in harm’s way, and that is you. When it was suggested that Aariam hide in the temple as well, she had shaken her head and claimed that the Red Wolf would never push her away from her house, from her home.

With a frown Aariam sat up in her sleeping bag, leaning against the crate of supplies behind her. Tried eyes turned against the opening in the tower, watching as a gentle shower of rain descended upon Ashenvale. The waters will clean the Wolfshead’s blood from our lands. The battle against the Red Wolf had been a glorious victory, and reports said that her corpse had been escorted through a portal at the very last second. Many rejoiced and said that the war had been won. The Wolfshead was defeated, and the Red Wolf herself may very well be dead, she would be a threat to this land no longer.

Aariam struggled to get her legs out of the sleeping bag, and once they were finally free, she pulled them up to her chest and buried her face between her knees. The lands may be safe, but I am not, and my family is not. She hates me, and she knows where I live. Aariam clenched her jaw and closed her eyes, slowly rubbing her head against the insides of her knees in a gentle massage. She does not need an army to ruin my life.
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Re: Nothing

Post by Seiya » Sat Mar 28, 2015 11:52 pm

Aww poor Aari doesn't have it easy <3

Lovely read, can't wait for more ^^
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Re: Nothing

Post by Soriah » Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:19 pm

Aariam's recklessness will end in tragedy. I'm sure of it.

... on a lighter note, this was a great read, dude! GJ. :D
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Re: Nothing

Post by Thondalar » Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:57 pm

Great written, Aariam! See, this is why you should not execute prisoners! It may come back to bite you in the ass ;)

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