Treachery - A prelude to a Cry for Vengeance.

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Treachery - A prelude to a Cry for Vengeance.

Postby Lori on Thu Aug 17, 2006 2:15 pm

<As Daeren woke up from his uncounscious state, his vision was still lburry but his head ached like someone had been using it as a target dummy. He tried to move but he quickly reaised his hands were bound behind his back.>

Daeren: "Where am I?"

<He wondered as he struggled in vain agaisnt he ropes.>

<As his sight foccussed, he recognized his friend Arentil in front of him, also tied up it seemed. He recalled the last known events. After meeting his friend, the both of them strolled for a while, retelling stories from their past. All of te sudden, Arentil's body collapsed forward, and as Daeren turned around he caught the glimpse of a Kaldorei just before he too blacked out. And know there he stood, on the wooden floor of an unknown house. As he looked outside the open door, he got a very clear idea of where he was.>

Daeren: "Duskwood!? How did we get here? What is the meaning of this?"

<At that time Arentil also regained his cosnciousness.>

Arentil: "Commander... is that you?"

Daeren: "Aye.. I mean... Yes it is me Daeren, Arentil. We are in trouble."

Arentil: "Seems so. What is happening here?"

Daeren: "We seem to have been captured. I remember seeing a Kaldorei before I blacked out."

Arentil: "A Kaldorei!? Treacherous Dogs!"

Daeren: "Can you see anything outside?" <He asked as Aretnil was much closer to the door.>

Arentil: "I see some Kaldorei...and Humans as well... a few of them. Gathered and... oh oh! They approach now."

Daeren: "Humpf,then perhaps we can finally unravel what this outrage is al about."

<A dark armored Nightelf with and even darker blade at his back walked into the room with a sadist smirk in his face.>

Arentil: "Well I suppose you are our host."

Daeren: "And a quite ugly one too... what's the matter... Evil is not good for your complexion?"

<The Dark clad Nightelf grinned as he walked slowly towards Arentil. He grabbed Arentil's arm and pulled him to his feet.>

Daeren: "Hey, why don't you deal with me instead Ugly?"

Shagrath: "Don't worry... I will!"

<Daeren was also lifted to his feet.>

Daren: "That's mighty kind of you to help me up... why don't you cut these ropes and hand me a blade whileyou are at it...would make my day."

<The still unnamed nighelf pushed both Arentil and Daeren outside the door. Outside, a crew of sinister looking individuals waited for them, some with grins drawn on their faces, others showed merelly contempt.>

Daeren: "Well well... aren't they a motley bunch?"

<A few eyes glared at Daeren.>

Shagrath: "Jerran, escort our guests."

<Jerran nodded and the two prisioners were led by their captors into a remote place called the TwilightGrove deep in the heart of Duskwood. both of them realised that something big was going on. Their captors were in careful review of their following actions, and some concern on their part was noticed.>

<Again they we on the move, reaching a massive ramp leading to an Emerald Dream portal which was crawling with Horde, comprised of mostly Undead who broke what seemed liek a ritual circle to "welcome" the new arrivals. Daeren whispered to Arentil.>

Daeren: "This doesn't look good at all. If trouble starts we make a run for it."

<Arentil nodded.>

<The dark clad Kaldorei whom they called Shagrath approached what seemed to be the leader of the Horde group. The both of them communicated for a short period and Shagrath pointed at another unknown Nightelf that was in the middle of the Horde Ritualistic circle. The Undead leader spoke some gibberish and motioned towards that same nightelf as Shagrath did the same towards Arentil.>

<Suddenly Daeren realised what this was all about.>

Daeren: "A TRADE???... This is what this is all about? You trade the two of us to save your fiendish friend?"

<Shagrath grinned again as Arentil was taken into the place formerly occupied by the would-be victim. Daeren shoulder charged Shagrath, who was only knocked a bit to the side and them pushed Daeren back into the grip of Jerran.>

Daeren: "Let him go now!"

Arentil: "I'll be fine Sir. Don't worry about me!"

Jerran: "Shut up you two."

Daeren: "Like the Nether I will. Let him go now."

<Daeren was knocked to his knees by a quick elbow to his stomach from Jerran. With Arentil placed in the center of the Ritualistic Circle, the Horde Demon worshippers started chanting their devious encantations in a very disturbing unnison chant mixed with dissonant cheers and praises. Arentil showed fear now, fear for his life that he knew drew shorter and shorter.>

Arentil: "I dn't want to die Sir!"

<Daeren rose to his feet again and sruggled to break free from Jerran.>

Daeren: "Stand fast Arentil...*growl* I... won't let them do this."

<Jerran's grip seemed impossible to break.>

Jerran: "Stand still fool! And be quiet."

<Despite his constant struggle, Daeren despaired at his inability to act. Arentil fear grew to his break point. The horde chanting and praising also grew in a violent maddening crescendo to it's peak.>

Arentil: "Sir...!"

Daeren: "No... NO..."

<And in a second all went silent as Arentil's ife was taken and the Undead Demon worshippers all jumped at his bosy in a feeding frenzy, utterly cannibalizing Arentil right before Daeren and his captors.>

Daeren: "NOOOOOOOOO....."

<Storm clouds and lightning bolts, arcane symbols filled the circle. As the Cultists cheered and praised, Daeren was escorted down the ramp by his captors, both angered and devastated by these events.>

Daeren: "Am I no to suffer the same fate?"

Shagrath: "No."

<As Shagrath cut the ropes tat bound Daeren's arms together he just barelly dodged the isntanty incomming punch to his face and pushed Daeren backwards.>

Shagrath: "Run home now. you got one minute head start."

<Daeren wanted to kill them all, and his anger commanded him to do so right now. But his reason kicked in, he could not do it and Arentil would die in vain. The others must know what transpired here tonight. Should this fall into oblivion with his death, Arentil would never be avenged.>

Daeren: "You should have taken my life isntead you worthless excuse for a living being. Yuo won't have a moment's rest I assure you."

<With this Daeren rushed to warn the Alliance of this unholy pact between these treacherous group and the horde Cultists. He ran as quick as he could to Darkshire. This was not the end. The Hunt is just beggining.>

Daeren: "I'm sorry old friend. I failed you. But... They will pay for this. I swear it. They will pay."

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