Lost in a Haze

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Lost in a Haze

Postby Seiya on Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:55 am

Well there's nothing like a little post midnight writing to help me not sleep XD

When the little free remaining part of your subconscious takes on forms of the dead to talk to you - it's often a good idea to take note of what they're getting at.

It is an unedited freewrite snippet so there might be mistakes.


“There you are, you’ve got so lost I’ve been worrying about you.”

Seiya paused hearing the voice, lost? No, she knew where she was - looking around the familiar trees of home had faded, a mist rising from the ground. She looked up, her eyes wide as she faced her sister.

Aranyah smiled, a sad fondness in her eyes as she watched her younger sister. “Why are you so lost Sei?”

Seiya opened her mouth to deny it - she couldn’t be lost - she knew where she was - what she was doing - didn’t she? “You’re not really here.”

“Maybe, maybe not, but someone needs to get through that skull of yours.” She smiled, ruffling the younger woman’s hair.

Seiya swallowed on the lump in her throat - when was the last time she’d seen her sister - even if it was a dream.

“What is all this really about, Sei?”

“All what?”

“You giving in and giving yourself to the creature you’re lying with, the sister I remember would never have done that.”

Seiya frowned. “It is the only way,” she muttered.

“The only way for what? Why are you doing this?”

“You wouldn’t understand.” Seiya turned away, waving her hand dismissively.

Aranyah crossed her arms. “Try me.”

“I need to get stronger - I need to be more powerful.”

The elder stared Seiya down. “What could you possibly want power for? This is not you.”

“We need to stay stronger than our enemies - I need to help her -”

“Her?” Aranyah cut her off. “What about before her? Why did you - do what you did in the first place?”

“I needed help...to find someone to help me get stronger.”

“Why?” Aranyah pressed.

Seiya frowned, she’d just said - hadn’t she? She needed to help get rid of their enemies - no before that - she was searching - Thal. “She can help me find him.”

Aranyah rolled her eyes. “And you really think that if she did find him, she’d let you be together? I suppose when it comes to that you won’t care anyway, hm?” she looked at the younger. “She’s already got you just where she wants you - her will and desires are all you’re concerned with.”

“That isn’t true!”

“No? Up until a few days ago you were bent on finding Arandir, almost as much as when you tried to hunt him down the first time,” Aranyah stated. “For someone smart you are very stupid Sei. How can someone be so jaded and still so naive and trusting?" She shook her head. "All it took with him was a few evenings of sweet words and you just forgave him.”

Seiya looked away. “I had my reasons.”

“Yes, you were running scared from a stable life.” Aranyah sighed “It had all been for nothing, hm? Everything you endured in the centuries alone, hunting him. The trail of bodies of anyone who looked like him that you left in your wake. All of it was forgotten when faced with a pitiful story.”

Seiya closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around herself. Why was she doing this?

“And let’s not forget the Ashenvale business, hm?” Kairel stood with Aranyah, the gaping wound in her abdomen that had been left by Seiya’s daggers looked bloody and fresh. "A sob story there cost us everything."

“That wasn’t my fault.” Seiya denied. It wasn’t. He'd needed aid...then In the heat of battle - it wasn’t her fault. She hadn't seen Kai coming. It wasn't her fault.

“And now, a few sweet words and whispered promises along with drinks and you’re ready to give up everything again.” Aranyah shook her head.

“What about your children?” Kairel asked.

“They are safe, I don’t need to worry about them,” Seiya murmured. “I don’t need to worry about anything now.”

“Her words.”

Seiya frowned, maybe they were - but it was the truth, wasn’t it? When was the last time she felt so at ease, not having to worry about everything? She knew that everything was right - or would be soon - that was all she needed to know, wasn’t it?

“What are you trying to do to me?” Seiya looked up needing to know why both of them were there.

They were gone.

She turned around.

She was alone.

The growing mist had taken on a green haze.


And for any bits of unclarity - it was a dream when are dreams fully clear? (I think I covered that well XD)
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Re: Lost in a Haze

Postby Aariam on Fri Jul 03, 2015 8:34 am

Oooh, I really liked that. Will be interesting to how things will end up; especially between Seiya and Aariam. :D
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Re: Lost in a Haze

Postby Thondalar on Fri Jul 03, 2015 9:53 am

Briliant! I love it! Moar MOAR!
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