A Letter of Change

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A Letter of Change

Post by Edradir » Wed Aug 12, 2015 1:51 pm

A Letter of Change

He held the upper corner of the brown parchment between his thumb and forefinger while his
silvery eyes peered over each written line carefully. Next to him stood a lantern on the ground
and its faint light casted a golden veil upon his face, uncovering his white hair, beard and a scar on his
right cheek which runned deep in his skin and seemed as if a bear had clawed at him.

The letters and words on the parchment gleamed, they were written with a certain delicacy, a
tenderness as if coming from a woman’s hand. When his eyes met the last of the writings, trouble
grew on his face and he laid his head in his neck and stared up.

The whole sky was cloaked in night and a few stars glimmered through the branches and leafs of
the beech where he had taken a seat under. He let out an audible sigh and placed his back against the trunk.

“Father? Father? Is that you?” came from the house near him.

A small figure came on the porch and the lanterns on the steps unveiled her long ears, her
luxuriant green hair and a face young and fair as spring.

“Yvaine, my little star, you should be in bed and sleep. It is late.” said Edradir while he looked at
her and the graveness on his face disappeared.

“I would if your sighing would not keep me awake, Father. But I thought you left earlier with the
other druids to journey to the Dens and dream.” said Yvaine as she stepped from the porch,
rubbing her eyes.

“Is that a letter from dear sister Alylia?” cried Yvaine as she noticed the brown parchment in her
father’s hand. Her silver eyes lit up. “How is she? Please tell me, Father! Is she well and is she
writing us about her wonderful adventures again. Alas, It has been too long!”.

“Hush your voice my little star. You will wake your mother and brother.” said Edradir with a smile
and dimples on his face. “I waited for many months and the messenger from Darnassus came the
moment I was to leave for the dream.” Yvraine took a seat under the beech and wrapped her arms
around her father. Her ever curious eyes were already upon the parchment.

“The messenger from Stormwind lost the letters for months. That cursed human is very fortunate
not to deliver them straight to me. For I had him thrown from the cliff into the sea, the ignorant
fool!” Murmured Edradir while he laid his arm around Yvraine.

“Sister Alylia said that they are not that bad.” remarked Yvraine and a little chuckle escaped over
her soft lips. Edradir slowly raised an eyebrow and shook his head a little.

“Your sister is well and writes us good tidings.” said Edradir as he raised the parchment a little
higher for Yvraine to read. “She has been to the realm of Dreanor for the war and journeyed with
others of our kindred there, whom she holds as dear friends now. Kind and very interesting folk
from Darnassus and they fight for the greater good it seems.” said Edradir while his eyes followed
the written words down the parchment.

“I feel joyous to hear she is happy... following her heart.” sighed Yvraine. Edradir gazed in front
of him, through the parchment, into the void, his breath stoked for a brief moment for those words
fired up a memory from years back. “Indeed she is finally following her heart.” whispered Edradir
as he leaned with his cheek upon Yvraine’s head.

“Being a priestess like her and bring joy to others and see all of Azeroth, that is what I crave for.”
said Yvraine while savouring the moment holding her father in her arms.

“Mercy!” cried Edradir. “My daughter, barely of age, wishes to endure and lessen the hardness of
the world! Those are sorrowful words for a father to hear for what he loves most dear grows up so
quick and the time comes near he has to set her free. Please speak not of such things for a while,
for your father’s sake, my little star.” and he smiled warmly and kissed her on her brow.

“If you crave for more, your sister wrote some letters for you and provided a gift as well. You will
find them on the table inside. The gift seems to be a set of figurines of wood and stone. Your
sister received it from a friend of hers but it is for you for safekeeping.” added Edradir.[1]

“Bless her, for now I will never find sleep until I laid my eyes on every letter she wrote.” said
Yvraine while she pushed herself up and made way to the house. She turned to her father with
sly eyes. “Father, please do tell me you have left some of the sweetened rice cakes mother made

“Yes, yes, the last ones are in my satchel. I shall hand them over to you willingly.” sighed Edradir.

Together they walked to the house and Edradir took his belongings from behind the door.
Presenting Yvraine the last three of rice cakes. She took one of them and gave her father a hug.

“Father, I love you, be ever so careful.” whispered Yvraine as she looked him in the eyes.

“I will, Yvraine, my little star, my everything. And so be you, and never use the name of
Oathkeeper near strangers. Now go to bed and sleep fair, my dear daughter.” said Edradir as he
returned the hug.

After all the lights went out in the house, Edradir closed the door behind him. He reached out a
hand to the flowers growing around the doorway, who seemed shut but after a whisper of him
they flowered beautifully in many colours. “May Elune watch over them and keep all so dear to me
from harms-way while I reside in the dream.” whispered Edradir.

And so he went down the dwindling path and his house disappeared behind the trees. After a
short while a grey stone path came up out of the darkness. It ran from the north and went to the
south. Edradir halted and gazed a moment both ways.

He closed his eyes and a streak of doubt grew on him. “Alylia, many years ago, I told you to
follow your heart and you did. Maybe I should do the same for a wise man must heed his own
words as well. Too long I slept and stood guard upon the borders of Silithus, doing nothing,
hoping all trouble would pass, hoping the Oakfury would forget and all malice purged from our
lands. But it is not in my nature to be weak of heart. Are my years failing? What should I do?” He
whispered to himself.

Edradir opened his eyes and turned north and with great paces he went up the path. On his way
he greeted and placed his hand on trees as pines, hazels, oaks, wild cherries and plums. He had
known them from when they were a seed and he bid them farewell and plead them to provide his
family with fruit they could spare. None of the trees refused his wish.

After a while the path came to an end and there stood Edradir at the edge of a high cliff with the
sea many yards below him, scouring the rocky coastline with its foaming waves. He gazed into the
endless distance, the wild wind was in his hair and the white gulls were crying above the waves. It
was dawn and the first streak of sunlight was cast upon his face, he welcomed and savoured the

Edradir raised his left hand for his eyes for he held a carved figure in it, a crow painted jet black
with golden eyes, the totem of his mistress. He took a deep breath of air, pressed his eyes shut,
held out his arms sideways and swelled his chest with pride.

“Alas, it has been too long! But no more, I will not tarry no more! Avianna! Mistress bear me on
your wings!” cried Edradir into the wind and he plunged himself down over the edge without fear.

The foaming waves below battered themselves with overwhelming force upon the wall made of
stone but before Edradir met his doom, his feathered wings carried him high above the wide sea
on the never-ending wind from the West. For he was no Kaldorei any longer but a storm crow, a
mighty storm crow clad in black feather. And with every beating of his wings he made more
distance between himself and his home, flying North, seeking out those Alylia described as
faithful friends.

And thus a bit about the 'why' of Edradir seeking out the order.
I dearly hope that your time reading this was not put to waste.
My style of writing tends to include a lot of detail.

[1]The gifts provided to Yvraine from Alylia were originally from Ragnar the dwarf.
He himself had carved an elven figure from wood and hewed a dwarven figure from stone.
Ragnar gave them to Alylia as token of their friendship and his love for her.

Ragnar can still be found, role playing around the Cathedral in Stormwind on Defias Brotherhood.
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Re: A letter of change

Post by Aariam » Wed Aug 12, 2015 2:30 pm

I absolutely loved this. You describe things really well, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the conversations - they're really well done!

Edradir's kid(s) seem(s) lovely, Aariam would loooove to meet her/them. ^^

I hope we get to see more of your writing in the future. :)
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Re: A letter of change

Post by Edradir » Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:23 pm

Thank you for your praise, Aariam. :)
I'm glad you liked it.

Though feedback is always welcome, if there are points in which my writing could be made better.

All the background and side stories I read here are very good.
Worthy to fill a book with those stories.

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Re: A letter of change

Post by Salirien » Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:23 pm

Ooh, nice! I love getting to see a bit more of the characters' story, and this was really enjoyable! I like your style of writing, it holds a balance between modern and archaic that is very interesting ^^

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Re: A letter of change

Post by Edradir » Fri Aug 14, 2015 1:24 pm

Hi Salirien,

Yes, I tried to find a balance between modern and archaic.
Some paragraphs tend more to the archaic style and others to the modern.
But I try not to use too much archaic words and keep words like 'thy', 'thee' and 'thine' for example out of my writings.
I sense they are not common in the 'World of Warcraft' Kaldorei speech. Or I have been ignorant all those years while reading the quest information.

The paragraph where Edradir asks Yvraine to say no more about her future wishes for his sake, I find personally, this is a paragraph that is more heavy in archaic.
Which breaks the consistency of style a little.

But again when it came in my head it sounded good, too good to be left out or altered.
And you will find Edradir and Aslaya IC'ly often speak in this manner.
So I decided to keep it.

Furthermore, I have seen that several others on this forum also use this balance between modern and archaic in their writings.
But all I read on this forum is good. :)

When I am on the forum, you mostly will find me in the lore department, lost and ...reading. ^^

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Re: A letter of change

Post by Eluvere » Wed Aug 19, 2015 1:43 pm

I like that way of talking IC, I think it really fits kaldorei :) I use a bit more formal language myself as well for my (NE) characters.

And that was a really sweet story, I very much enjoyed reading it!

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