The Lingering Presence and the Squirrel

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The Lingering Presence and the Squirrel

Post by Tenshylwin » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:46 pm

The druid had his eye closed, listening to his surrounding. He had made himself a hang mat of veins, right under the crow's head in the middle of Darnassus, glancing on the people who passed by under him with a cautious look from time to time. His mind was racing through all kind of thoughts from his past, lovers, friends until he suddenly opened up his eye as if something had hit him with a sharp object. He looked around only to realize that it was just his imagination, the birds were still chirping and flying around, sentinels talking with each other as they patrolled the city.

“Just your imagination, you are still in Darnassus.” He told himself, but the feeling of someone watching him was still there. He had felt it before, many times so and it was aggressive, lingering in the back of his mind, waiting for it's opportunity to pounce at him once more. Tenshylwin held up his hand in the air, looking at his palm. It was healed, but the burn marks was still noticeable from The Orders travels to Northrend with the mage Anhagath.

Tenshylwin leaned his head back, looking up to the sky cloudy sky with rays from the sun passing through while his thoughts traversed to the road devil, Azaria. He chuckled at the thought, those two used to have some good times together, causing trouble and just having fun. They had known each other for a long time now, though where she was hiding now was a good question, for all he knew she could be in Stormwind, drinking and causing trouble for the citizens. The thought of her also reminded him about the blanket covering his long time project he was working on, the chopper. Being interested in engineering may have been rather strange for him as a druid, but he enjoyed the tinkering and it put his thoughts elsewhere.

“Perhaps I should have the parts moved closer. Don't think the sentinels at Feathermoon appreciate it taking up their space.” He often travelled to Feathermoon to work on it or to see the wilderness of the land. However he had to be cautious there, before he returned to Darnassus he had stayed in Feralas for years. During those years he spent a lot of time in his saber form like he used to do, but he lost control of it. It was mere luck he was able to return, regaining control over his concious while keeping the saber in check. It was also the reason why he tried to stay out of that form so it wouldn't happen again.

A pebble hit his forehead and he woke up from his thoughts, blinking at the squirrel that was sitting on his leg now, staring at him. He chuckled at the squirrel, “Why hello there, Snips. Did Bonkers steal your food again?” Snips, his squirrel companion, began to wave it's arms frustrated while talking, as if telling a story to him. “Oh come now, Snips. He's mechanical, it's just a game for him.” Clearly Bonkers the mechanical squirrel had stolen a few nuts and Snips wanted them back. When the Snips was finally done, crossing it's arms over the chest while pouting at Tenshylwin. He gestured to the squirrel to move down to the ground “Alright, we will get them back for you.” As for himself he rolled over from the veins with ease to let himself fall to the ground, landing on his feet like a cat before he walked towards the Cenarion Enclave together with the squirrel by his side.
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Re: The Lingering Presence and the Squirrel

Post by Aariam » Sat Jan 09, 2016 11:04 am

Aww-.. Aariam must eliminate this engineer.

I hope you write more snippets of Tensh's daily life, really enjoyed reading it. :D
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