Brief Reunion

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Brief Reunion

Post by Landrian » Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:48 pm

This a small piece that happened during the lunar festival obviously not ingame but anyone can feel free to RP that they saw this exchange if they so wish to find more out about Lando IC :D

Landrian hummed as he walked amongst the crowd, the keeper and Naralyna walked behind him, far enough away that he couldnt hear their conversation but close enough that he could respond to any threat to them, apart but aware just the way he liked it.

A voice ahead called out and the mass stopped they had reached their destination the walking was over, Landrian scanned the crowd searching the faces of those gathered for any ill intent, wait Landrain froze It can't be the crowd voiced their complaints as Landrian worked his way through them pushing aside any who didnt get out his way quick enough.

"Cala is that you?" Landrian asked stopping behind a female Kaldorei who turned slowly to look at him recognition showing in her eyes "Lan..but...five years" recognition turned to anger as she slapped him hard across the face.

"You stopped coming home,we thought you were dead" she cried.

Landrians face dropped as his facade crumbled away and he embraced his sobbing sister holding her tight " Oh Calandrath i am so sorry" he whispered into her ear tasting blood as he spoke.

"You should be" Calandrath replied pushing him away and eyeing him him closely " still a hired thug then"?

" A thug maybe but not for money i will tell you about it later but first where's Faelurian"?

"Landooooooo" came a cry from behind causing Landrian to turn just in time to catch the on rushing Faelurian and spin her around in a hugged embrace like he used to when they where younger.

"I knew you'd be here" She giggled whe Landrian finally let her go.

"Did you tell her that" Landrian smiled pointing to Calandrath.

"Ofcourse but she wouldnt listen, even when i said you would come home and look for us she refused to believe me we have to go to winterspring" Faelurian said in a mocked imitation of Calandrath.

"Winterspring huh, i thought you didnt like the cold" Landrian stated looking at Calandrath.

"I dont but last time i saw you Lando you said we could be in danger" Calandrath answered grumpily.

Landrians lips thined as his smile turned to a serious pose his facade slipping back.

"You might still dont interupt me just listen. all i can say is some bad things have happened to people associated with the group i am with ,No one can know i have found you...not yet anyway, when the danger has passed i will come find you both i promise." He told said his face and posture not betraying the aching he felt in his chest "Stay safe for me" He told them before turning and walking off leaving his sisters behind once more.
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Re: Brief Reunion

Post by Aariam » Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:23 pm

Aww, Lando's sisters seems so nice ^^ More people that Aariam will feel immensly guilty about if they get hurt...

Lovely snippet, Lando. :D Aariam probably saw a glance of it!
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Re: Brief Reunion

Post by Salirien » Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:32 pm

You really have a way of presenting characters that I like! Please do write more, all these little peeks into Lando's life are awesone ^^

Salirien was probably too far away to have seen. Or gleefully hypnotised by all the lights and colours :p
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Re: Brief Reunion

Post by Anhagath » Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:59 am

Awwww, that adorable face-slap!

I'm sure Nara caught a peek, she'll be wondering what's going on ;)
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