The Tale Of Seraph - Prelogue

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The Tale Of Seraph - Prelogue

Postby Itarilde on Thu Sep 28, 2006 10:20 am

So here starts the story of Seraph, it will contains people you don't know, from my old guild, and will on purpose not have much description of these people, since the intended target group was themself :-).... Read it if you like, dont if you dont :P

Only her inner sense made the druid turn around in time to see the ball of fire heading her way, and only her quick reflexes and years of experience made it possible for her to cover behind her cloak, a cloak magically enhanced to repel fire, yet never designed to sustain a direct hit, Seraph was covered in flames as the fireball engulfed her. When the smoke cleared her right arm was black and air was thick with the smell of burnt flesh, but Seraph paid no attention to the pain, she knew nature was on her side, and while turning to face her attacker, nature responded to her confidence, a green glow surrounded her and the black of her arm slowly regained its normal colour.
Seraph was now face to face with one of the darkspear trolls’ mages, a new bolt had just left the mages hands, this time one of ice, but this time Seraph had more time to react, her body changed, only thing about her that didn’t grow as she with natures help became a part of it was her ears. Everything else grew until she was no longer an elf, but instead a dire bear. The ice bolt hit her but the thick fur of the bear could sustain it, but the ice in her fur encumbered her movement, she returned to her normal elf form, but as she did the ice that had been stuck in the thick fur of the bear came free falling to the ground until she stood as if the bolt had never hid her, another bolt was just about to leave the mages hand, but Seraph just smiled and waved.

Suddenly Seraph saw the desperation in the mages eyes as he realised what was going on, but he realised too late. A dagger landed in his spine and he let out a scream. The rogue then janked her dagger out again, getting another scream from the mage. Summoning what powers he had left, the mage shivered and the ground around him turned into ice in an outgrowing circle, trapping the rogues feet forcing her to stay, and with the blink of an eye the mage was gone.

Less experienced people might have panicked here, but these where all veterans of war, the rogue immediately started freeing herself of the ice with her daggers, and Seraph turned to face the mages new position, as she did the hair on her head started rising, suddenly the air around her crackled with electricity and the mage was surrounded by sparks of lightning. Seraph had to buy time, the rogue still not entirely free of the ice, she once again asked nature for help, the trees around her responded to her plea, and from the soft ground their age old roots burst up and spun themselves around the mage. Then again her body changed and her form melted, this time becoming the body of a cheetah, running away from the mage in an attempt to get out of his range. The mage realised this of course, he got a frostbolt after Seraph but to late to stop her from leaving his range. So he turned his attention to the rogue, his eyes became a blur as he united body and mind, but as he was about to launch the giant fireball of destruction at the rogue, now almost free of the ice, she reached into her pocket and threw some strange powder in the air, causing the entire area to become foggy, it only lasted seconds but when it was gone so was the rogue.

Seraph ran until she was out of sight of the mage, then the cheetah changed shape, not much but some, and suddenly a cat was where the cheetah had been. The high summer grass was perfect for hiding in and like a lion hunting its prey Seraph started back towards the mage.

Sooner or later nature gets tired of the fighting of the sentient beings, and thus happened for the trees holding the mage, once certain that the druid was no longer in danger they let go of the mage, they had no quarrel with the trolls. The mage was in a predicament, he was certain the rogue was around, but the druid was most likely also hiding in the grass, he had to go in some direction, just standing here was a sure way to get killed, suddenly a small noise to his left solved his problem, by instinct he looked in that direction before he could stop himself. That was all the opening the rogue needed, rushing from a nearby tree to the mages right side she quickly once again planted her dagger in the mages back. The mage had no choice but to again blink away, but this time it was only to find himself face to face with a giant bear, that toppled him over. The rogue ran to them and while the bear held the mage down the rogue sliced his throat.

In the aftermath it was quiet, one could hear birds singing, the rogue dried her knifes on the dead trolls clothing. She then continued to look up at Seraph, who was once again a nightelf. “Your such a pretty decoy you know” the rogue said while sheeting her daggers, “It’s amazing they never see through it” came the reply from Seraph. They started walking away from the corpse, onwards towards a destination yet unknown to them. “Wasn’t that revenge enough Seraph?” the rogue asked her as they reached their mounts, and Seraph answered her while mounting the giant tiger “It will never be enough”.
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