Dancer in the Darkness

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Dancer in the Darkness

Postby Säila on Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:14 pm

Fluff for my BBEG (big bad evil guy, the end boss) of the DnD campaign I am GM for.

Solitaire, Dancer in the Darkness

Aeons ago the mighty primordials crafted the world in their own image. Each one of them crafted parts of the world to suit their own whims and as such many aspects of nature can find their counter part in personalities of the primordials. Brigthorus the flame gaze created the light of the day and wanted the world to forever bath in light. However his plan was foiled by his sibling. The true name of that sibling has disappeared from the history of the world, but during that time the sibling was known by another name, Solitaire the dancer in the darkness.

Always a loner, the Solitaire hated the ruckus of the other primordials. The dancer was in love with the solitude and peace of the void and wanted that a part of the world would reflect that. In dream, the mighty primordial created the darkness and night. Brigthorus was enraged by actions of his siblings but when he was about to strike against the darkness with his fists of fire the Solitaire started to dance. The primordial was said to have danced a dance so beautiful that no one could dare to strike against the creations of the dancer.

When the gods started to take part in the creation, one god above all else took liking of the dark night. The goddess, Sehanine, created palace from where she could forever look into the night. Collecting her power, she raised a white moon to the night sky. To appease the Solitaire, she gifted the dancer with beautiful white mask, a replica of the goddess’s own palace. The primordial liked the mask, and to this day it hides the face of the creator of the darkness.

Not all primordials thought of the gods as kindly as the dancer however, and a terrible war broke out. For years the primordials and the gods battled until slowly, the gods of the Astral Sea started to get upper hand. Wearing the gift of Sehanine and remembering the fury of the Brigthorus, the dancer was undecided. Before the decision was made, god Nerull attacked the Solitaire and sought to conquer to darkness for his own. Alone, Nerull could never have prevailed against the Dancer in the Darkness, but he was helped by god Zehir. Together they descended upon the primordial and thought they had killed the dancer.

The Darkness Corrupted

But the dancer was not killed. Deceiving both gods with cunning dance of illusion, the solitaire fled the world and took hiding in the newly formed Shadowfell. For thousand years the primordial hid in their, right under the nose of Nerull. At first the mask of the dancer covered great sadness as the gods of evil ruled over darkness. They corrupted the night, turning it from place of solitude calm to sanctuary of danger and evil deeds. Then the mask hid face of anger as the solitaire saw how the gods that claimed to be good did nothing to save the beloved darkness. The gods did bring war to the two gods that ruled the darkness, but they sought to turn darkness into light, not bring peace to it. Even Sehanine, who at first loved the darkness nearly as much as the dancer did, being the chaotic goddess she is, soon came to disdain the darkest moments of the night. Moving to her position as goddess of the twilight, she tried to turn darkness into that by making her moon brighter; turning it to source of light it is today.

Solitaire was furious, and long millennia hiding under the Shadowfell turned the primordial from beautiful dancer into corrupted creature of darkness. Although Solitaire’s body remained the same, in truth the primordial had become to close to what another sibling of Brigthorus, Orcus, had been turned into.

When Raven Queen killed Nerull and took his place as god of death, Solitaire rejoiced. The malevolent joy grew as the demon lord Orcus began his war against usurper goddess. The dancer began to experiment with a plan to conquer the beloved darkness back and to punish the traitorous gods.

Doom of Serkhli’Dum

The dwarfs of Serkhli’Dum were to become the first guinea pigs of the dancer’s experiments. The dwarfs had always been fascinated with a single thing, immortality, and their whole culture was based around either chasing, or mimicking, that. Seeing weakness in them, the dancer danced a dance of illusion and took form of exarch of the Raven queen. In from of the Exarch, the solitaire approached the Dwarfs, and claimed to give them immortality if they followed the way of darkness, and tapped within the power of the Shadowfell. During that time, the dwarfs were widely following the evil gods, each one of whom promised them immortality. The worship of Moradin didn’t become widespread until centuries later.

While other gods promised immortality, who but goddess of death could truly offer immortality for a whole race, the dwarves reasoned. For years the dwarf warlocks of the Serkhli’Dum tapped into the raw power of the Shadowfell. For years, the dwarf hold continued it slow descend into eternal shadows. For years the illusions of the dancer hid the place from view of the gods. Years later the dwarfs finally realised the doom that was befalling upon them. For it was not immortality that would be their fate, but slow withering as the shadow fed upon them.

In their blight, the dwarfs turned to every dark power possible for salvation. They tried to form infernal pacts with the masters of nine hells. They sought dark fey for help. They turned to vestiges of their ancestors. No one would help. None could help. Finally one of the oldest warlocks, a master of the astrology and scholar of the stars devised a plan. If no one in this universe could help, then perhaps a creature from another could. According to his orders, the dwarfs built a gigantic furnace, the furnace of the eternity, and tried to summon such creature. From nascent universe the dwarfs tore a godlike creature of pure light. The burning creature was not much different from those that had evolved into the primordials all those uncounted millennia ago when this universe was young.

The coming of the creature burned the dwarf hold, searing and killing each one of the dwarfs of the hold. Only one, an oracle of Tiamat survived by turning himself into a living statue to avoid final death. Although the flames of the creature had destroyed all the energies of the Shadowfell from the hold, its flame soon cooled enough that the darkness crept back, now surrounding the furnace. The young universe the creature was summoned from was filled with only light and heat and the creature had never seen darkness and the darkness scared it. To this day it remains within the furnace of the eternity, forever imprisoned by the dark shadows.

Dark Storms Gather

Though the solitaire was repulsed by the creature of pure light that had pushed back the shadow, the plan had not failed entirely. Now a new experiment, a new version of the plan has been set to motion, one that will draw enough dark power, one that will extinguish enough light to empower the primordial enough for the dancer to finally punish the traitorous gods.

“The gods do not love my child, the night. They do not seek its calm, nor do they wish to dance with it. They only seek to rule over it and make it their slave of their cursed light. I will destroy that light and bring peace to the eternal night.”
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