In search of Ilora's little sister

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In search of Ilora's little sister

Post by Ilora » Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:09 pm

The sun was setting and the light was fading, making way for the night. Somewhere near the forest's border, Lorelei was setting up a thin web between two trees and Ilora was leaning on one of them, watching with a hint of amusement. There was a faint rustle in the grass and they both turned to face the panther that was creeping out of the shadows.

- Do not be alarmed, said the druid. You heard me only because I wanted you to.

Ilora wanted to grab her weapon but restrained herself. That might upset the druid and lead to violence.

- What is it that you wish? We're just passing by, we mean no harm to this forest or any living being in it.

The druid replied, as if ignoring what she said:
- Are you that...unusual hunter? You served with the sentinels of Astranaar, haven't you?
She pulled her cowl back and replied:
- What of it? And what do you mean by unusual?
- You ride mechanical abberations instead of our mighty sabers, making your presence known from afar and--
- I ride like that only when I wish to make my presence known, otherwise I travel on foot. Futhremo--
- Nevertheless, it is unusual. But that is unimportant.

The druid paused for a few seconds.
- I have news of your sister. She's alive and I might have a lead on her location. Follow me.

Ilora stood there for a few moments, petrified at the news but filled with hope. Could it be? After all these years, even after the destruction of Bashal'Aran, her little sister was still alive? Her mind was flooded with memories of her and her little sister playing around the forest many many years ago, chasing eachother, sleeping together in the same bed...
The druid made a soft growl to break her out of the trance-like state.

- I...I have to notify the Order, she said. I can't just abandon my duties without notice.
- Very well. Do what you must but I'll wait for you here, but hurry.

Ilora gathered her things quickly then she made a high-pitch vibrating noise notifying her spider companion it was time to leave. The web was ready but Lorelei would seem a bit sad that they couldn't wait for at least one prey, if one could read feelings on a spider's face. Ilora started running towards the closes hippogryph handler. It would take more time for her to ride from Feralas to the Temple of the Moon. Hopefully the High Councilor will be there, if not she'll just have to leave her a message and explain her action some other day, hopefully she'll understand.

TLDR version: Ilora's in search for her little sister.

OOC version: I'm joining a raiding guild. Will keep in touch IC and on forums from time to time ^_^
*throws cookies and hugs all around*
It's been fun being in this guild and I'm happy I met you guys :)

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Re: In search of Ilora's little sister

Post by Nayan » Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:10 am

Take care Iwowa :<
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Re: In search of Ilora's little sister

Post by Ellenil » Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:58 am

hf in raiding guild.

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Re: In search of Ilora's little sister

Post by Elysar » Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:33 pm

Meh :<
Be good!
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Re: In search of Ilora's little sister

Post by Calisar » Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:36 pm

I sent my response IC to your letter.. I meant it all ;)

Good luck Il, go kick some arse huh?

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