Draenei letter,

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Draenei letter,

Post by Eavya » Thu May 07, 2009 11:52 am

((I was asked to post this ;)))

The letter you have found in your mailbox is written by someone that obvious is not too familiar yet with the Common script.

Dear Leader or officers of the Order of Nature Grasp,

I am writing you this letter in the name of the new Draenei Commune, Ere Argus. We have recently formed and we wish to seek contact and perhaps even bonds with the races of this planet.

My name is Isilra Avalaan and I have met with your Order before. Your leader then was Ivellion Moonrain. I have heard, however, that this leadership has changed.

Is it possible to set up a meeting between us? Please let me know of a time and place and I will gladly have a gathering between our communities.

May the Naaru watch over you and your kind,

Isilra Avalaan
Ere Argus
Eavya Morninglight
Priestess of Nature's Grasp
Mother of Liaadri


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Walker of shadows, seeker of light
Arcanist of Natures Grasp

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Sentinel of Nature's Grasp

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Nygwene, Yngrah, Emmyxia

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Re: Draenei letter,

Post by Nayan » Thu May 07, 2009 1:00 pm

(i support :>)
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Re: Draenei letter,

Post by Calisar » Thu May 07, 2009 10:51 pm

Looking at the letter Cal scribbled a response of her own...

Ishnu'alah Lady Avalaan,

Perhaps you would like to introduce yourselves at the next meeting of our Order? We will be meeting in Darnassus on the evening of Wednesday at the hour of nine.

We would welcome the chance to meet a delegation of the Draenei race, and to further the bonds of alliance where possible between us.

May Elune guide your path.

The Order of Natures Grasp
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