Druid training?

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Druid training?

Postby Fenarrow on Wed May 30, 2012 8:42 pm

Hey all!

We are two-three people wondering if there might be any interest in your guild to roleplay with us in the near future, starting like two weeks from now.
We do not look to for guild-invites, we merely want to be temporary guests if possible :3

The situation is as follows...

Raenmar Alric and Tehan Fenarrow are two Gilneans; both once fought for the Gilneas Liberation Front. Alric commanded, in fact, until he was forced to step down due to a major lapse in judgement. Expecting trial for treason, Raenmar chose to leave Gilneas peacefully, and Tehan followed with her love for him. Having travelled South alone, they both found themselves in Loch Modan. Upon meeting an old friend, ex-commander Hadell of the Stormwind 101st, the pair decided to journey with him, to Kalimdor; to Feralas.
They day before their departure, the now-trio met a fourth old friend: Elder Malsovron. Having met with Raenmar once in Kalimdor the two knew something of each other, and they knew something they shared: druidism. There was a difference, however. Malsovron aged in his thousands, a druid of the claw, wise and skillful. Raenmar aged only thirty, once a simple witch of Gilneas, practicing 'true' druidism only for a few years. Being broken, being unwise, and feeling lacking, Raenmar made a request: to become thero'shan to Elder Malsovron. And, then, he turned to Tehan; he asked her if she would like to do the same. To take her knowing and her understanding of nature as a hunter, and to become a druid, learning under Malsovron. She agreed.
Tehan, Raenmar and Hadell travelled over the harsh seas, their boat docking in Theramore harbour. They travelled by foot over marsh and desert until they reached the forests of Feralas, setting up camp and settling in. Days later, they were greeted once more by Elder Malsovron. He told them of the paths they could take, and the path that he had took. Tehan deciding to follow the path of the talon, and Raenmar the long and winding path of the wild, but Malsovron knew there was a limit to what he could teach...

...so therefore we most humbly asks if there could be any possibilty of letting our characters be taught by any Kaldorei druid of your ranks. After Malsovron has given Raen and Tehan the basics that is.

We are very aware of Tehan's OOC-position as a hunter and I will not insist of her to become a "hard-core" druid, but she is very interested in and prone to the druidistic philosophy. And maybe a companion could compensate for the lack of shapeshifting?

Anyways, we hope you will find this story acceptable and give us a chance.

Thank you!
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Re: Druid training?

Postby Jondalar on Wed May 30, 2012 9:53 pm

Greeting Fenarrow and welcome to our neck of the woods.

The teachings of Malorne and Cenarius are for all to enjoy, learn from and live by. If you come to us seeking the wisdom of their words, we will not shun you - no matter who you are. We have druids of varying beliefs and convictions. I am sure you can learn from some of them/us - and we can learn from you.

Don't worry about guild invites. As Gilneans you'd not be let in anyway ;)

Keep in touch and let us know when the right time approaches. Then I'm sure we can arrange something. Shan'do Arkil Stormfeather will be arranging training for the Wildhearts of the Order of Natures Grasp. The Wildheart consist of anyone with an affinity for nature and the natural forces (e.g. druids and hunters), so I am sure you could benefit from that training. Otherwise I would suggest to latch on to one or more druids and simply dip you eager minds in their wells of wisdom into the druidic arts. I think it should be possible to find one or two, who has taken the same paths as you wish to take.

Looking forward to meeting you ^^
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Re: Druid training?

Postby Fenarrow on Thu May 31, 2012 11:37 am

Thank you! :3

And we did know about your only-Kaldorei-policy, which is a very honourable rule - makes the guild more genuine, if you ask me! It's also why we felt we needed to ask you about our situation as Gilneans a bit more than otherwise I think.
We will definitely keep in touch, and your suggestions are all very imaginable.

This will be fun! ^^
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Re: Druid training?

Postby Evesia on Thu May 31, 2012 1:02 pm

Great writing and an intriguing story. Would love to RP with you guys on my Druid some time ^^
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Re: Druid training?

Postby Aariam on Thu May 31, 2012 4:35 pm

Ooh, gilneans...

*brandishes knife* Aariam needs a new quilt. :twisted:
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Re: Druid training?

Postby Arkil on Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:36 pm

I'm arranging a training session with the Wildhearts of Cenarius on Monday evening at 21:00 in Nighthaven, Moonglade and will be continuing to peruse a fairly strict training regime, but if you would like to IC pay us a visit i'm sure we could arrange for something with you guys. We've already got dealings with the Circle of the Blackwald and Bob's druid stuff going on in Gilneas, so it's likely you'll see us in Gilneas in future. :D
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