Addons you must have

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Addons you must have

Postby Ivellion on Thu Feb 08, 2007 6:28 pm

To install and addon you just need to download it from the links listed and to unpack the content of the .zip or .rar file into the directory */World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons (* Usually this is C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons It depends on where you installed World of Warcraft).

Addons for your Roleplaying

This kind of addons, like the title says, are useful flags which let you show surname, titles, description of your character.
With them you can show your current Roleplaying status (if you are OOC or IC) and what kind of Roleplayer you are (beginner, casual, hardcore)
Moreover they change the way you see other players name, level, ranks, etc...
They are very useful to Roleplay. Choose one and be sure to not run more than one at once, because they go in conflict each other.
Anyway between players they are compatible, so if a player use an other kind of flag you should be able to see all his features.

- FlagRSP: Very good addon recently come back to life. It keeps the useful friend list, which helps you to remember if you know people or guilds IC and what kind of relatioship you have (friendly, neutral, foe).
It has several options to change the way you see players and NPCs name, level, PvP ranks, guild names, etc...
Download here

- MyRoleplay: An other good flag, similar to FlagRSP but it has more many features. However it's still in beta version after months!
Download here

- FlagRSP 2: It was meant to be the substitution of FlagRSP after its development was stopped.
This flag is simple, easy and good but it lacks of the complation of FlagRSP and MyRoleplay.
Now that FlagRSP is alive again, the suggestion is to move on that flag if you haven't compatibility problems. If you haven't any other choice, or you want something simple, FlagRSP2 does its work well anyway.
Download here

To roleplay is needed a good use of in-game langauges (like Darnassian, Common, Orcish, etc...) and a fast switching between them.

- Lore: At the moment this addon seems the only one around for this kind of service.
This addon let you speak and understand other languages than the default one of your character (like Demonic, Druidic, etc...). Also you can add effetcs to your speaking skills and decide which percentage of knowlidge you have in a certain language.
For exemple you can decide to understand the 85% of Common, so when you speak or hear it, you'll have some words changed, which will be as more many as lower will be the percantage.
Note well: This addon can't be used to understand other faction languages or other races default languages, like Dwarvish, Gnomish, Orchish, etc...
The addon has also a useful and comfortable language-switcher which you can put on your UI. With just a clic on it you can switch between your known languages.
Moreover there is an option to set /party /guild /raid /bg as OOC, so you won't need every time to switch langauge but you'll speak Common in those channels automatically.
All the options and features are explained in the 'ReadMe.txt' file which you can find in the package, downloading Lore.
Download here

The languages you should know as Night Elf:
- Darnassian
- Common
- Druidic (Only for druids)
- Thelassian (This is Blood Elves/High Elves language and you should know it because it's a dialect similar to Darnassian. And no, sorry, you won't be able to understand Blood Elves anyway)

My suggestion is to ever put your language skills at 100%, even if your character barelly knows that langauge. So instead of using Lore effects which aren't very good, you roleplay your lack of knowlidge.
For exemple if you don't speak Common very well you can put the skill to 100% and simulate your accent by yourself and a sentence like: 'I don't speak Common very well' can be said: 'Me speak Common bad' or 'Me Common bad' etc... it's up to you.

About the languages you are free to decide by yourself, but don't abuse of Lore. If you know a language you'll need a valid IC motivation to do that.
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