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Tenethion app

Postby Tenethion on Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:56 pm

har Name: Tenethion
Char Class: Rogue
Char Level: 1
Char Age: Around 9800 years -10000 years. He's Lost count of the exact number.
Your RL age: 15

Yes It's Elva :] This may suprise you but I've decided to not continue levelling Elvadrieth for now, playing a death knight made me see theres other really good classes out there and I thought.. since I'm playing this game for fun should be able to roll whatever I want instead of feeling obliged to level to 80 straight away :) Dw i'm not deleting Elva so all your boosts haven't been for nothing :) <3

Background Story:
Born in the village of Ara-Hinam.. Tenethion was only 14 when the demons attacked. He and a number of other survivors fled into the wild.. a separate way from Shadris Feathermoons' party. Demons would descend upon him and the others every day.. soon Tenethion was the only one left. The earth began to shake and tear itself apart as he wildly fought the demons for his life. After barely surviving, Tenethion ventured back to his people. He decided to live alone in the wild.. in the forests of Kalimdor. Many centuries were spent training his skills, occasionally visiting a nearby settlement or village to rest.
One day, he heard the cries of battle and foreign horns of war. He fought with skill against the orcs.. one of the only males alongside the sentinels. After the sentinels defeat, Tenethion prepared himself for war. It wasn't long before he found himself fighting alongside foreign races at the base of the world tree. In this dark time Tenethion has dedicated his very existence to battle and war. Living the majority of his life in isolation.. he has little humour and cares not for friends or companions.. only allies in the fight.

Why does your char wish to join us?
Tenethion feels he needs strong allies to fight alongside against the current threat. Around Darnassus.. he has heard of the success of the Order and it's strong influence in the alliance. He knows the only people he can trust are his own, and wishes to join to strengthen the defence of the night elves!

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