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Application: Alagien

Postby Alagien on Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:36 pm

Char Name: Alagien
Char Class: Warrior
Char Level: 32
Char Age: Young Adult (300-ish)
Your RL age: 38
Your RL gender: Male

Background Story:

Alagien was a young and idealistic elf at the time of the Third war. She was not yet considered an adult and as such was prohibited to take part in any of the fighting. Her home was relatively away from the main fighting and as such she was not affected by it very much. On the contrary, she grew more and more infatuated with the heroic tales coming out of it, how many races banded together and with act or genuine heroism defeated an enemy many times stronger than them. Alagien, like many of her age and social class, was training to be a Sentinel and as such she could easily see herself being one of those heroes, mighty and virtuous in the face of adversity.

She shared her dreams with her childhood friend and crush, Daenis and together the two girls would explore the forests, playing together and even going on patrols with Daenis' mother occasionally.
Then the Cataclysm hit, but once again the two girls were left mostly unscathed, but with a burning desire to go join those heroes trying to fix the world. The Pandaria campaign arrived and they were almost adults, Alagien asked permission from her mother to go, but she was denied. Together with Daenis the two decided to steal away on a ship heading for Pandaria anyway.

Pandaria was a land of wonders and terror for Alagien. There is where she came into contact with the terrible reality of war and where the young girl died, succumbed to despair. A young woman was born in her stead from the ashes. Externally Alagien is the same warm and social elf she was before, but now there is an hard, cold core below it all. One of the thing to be destroyed was the childish crush on Daenis, replaced with real love as the two elves shared all the dangers and privations of war. A true bond, stronger than steel and magic was formed between the two, surviving to this very day to the point that the easiest way to see Alagien's true core is to threaten Daenis in her presence. She will fight to the death for her love, no matter against who or what.

Why do you wish to join us? Two main reasons, first I was already a member on Defias Brotherhood at the times of WoTLK (2009, character "Gilthalion"), secondly, most kaldorei guilds are very narrow and restrictive and I really enjoy a more open type of guild, so Nature's Grasp fit me well. Also it is not a military guild.

Why does your char wish to join us? Alagiel's ethics have not changed and even grew stronger during the war, she is still convinced of the importance of the balance in all things and has seen what the excess will do in first person. She has integrated Pandaren philosophy in her own lifestyle and think she will find a good place to develop such ideas in Nature's Grasp as this order includes all varieties of Kaldorei while keeping the Balance.

Tell us something about yourself!

I'm a 38 years old DBA living in Finland and happily married to a native. I'm originally from Italy and I've been playing computers and RPG games since a very young age (6 and 11 respectively). I never stopped to do either of those things and I was blessed in finding a true twin soul in my wife, who also loves roleplaying games and videogames.

We have a dog, but no kids yet. We keep weekly tabletop games for our friends and we have been involved in MMOs since UO in 1999. We have played WoW for 11 years now, on and off, and we have created stories, guilds and characters in those years, usually on Argent Dawn, but also on Sha'tar and Defias Brotherhood.
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Re: Application: Alagien

Postby Salirien on Sat Aug 15, 2015 9:44 am

Hello, and thanks for the application! Your backstory and character seem fine with me, so I give two thumbs up! Another officer will have to accept the application before we schedule an interview.

On a side note, I am very excited to hear that you are such a veteran of rpgs and tabletops! That's really cool! :)
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Re: Application: Alagien

Postby Aariam on Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:38 am

Two thumbs up from me as well. ;)

Just poke me, Káthene, Salirien, or Eluvere in game and we will set you up with an IC interview.
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Re: Application: Alagien

Postby Eluvere on Sun Aug 16, 2015 6:10 pm

Interviewed and invited, locking and shelving.
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