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Merylithe Shadowbreeze Application

Postby Merylithe on Wed Aug 19, 2015 3:26 pm

Char Name: Merylithe Shadowbreeze
Char Class: Monk (Sentinel IC)
Char Level: 100
Char Age: 13,000+
Your RL age: 24
Your RL gender: ???

Background Story: Merylithe is a middle daughter born in Loreth'Aran to medium sized traditionalist family. She looked up to her older sister Talim and aspired to be like her, though Merylithe never distinguished herself like her older sister cause her to become hot tempered where her sister was even, fierce where her sister was calculating and trying harder where her sister was naturally gifted. Though she bares no resentment to her sister she still strives to be recognised like her.

Like her sister she joined the sentinel army when she came of age and favoured glaives and halberd as her weapon of choice. She also studied smiting from a young age and has become a master weapon smith over the time. All her crafts are unique and clearly of Kaldorei influence. Being a sentinel like her sister Merylithe has contributed to all major wars that involved the Kaldorei in some way especially the war of the satyr where Talim was injured early on cause her to have to retreat from battle allowing Merylithe to finally receive the recognition for her martial prowess she deserved. Sometime after Merylithe finally let go of her petty need for attention to focus on being the best she can be after realising her weapons were highly sort after by many of the older generation of Kaldorei warriors of which few remained from the many that once were.

Present day Merylithe has continued to be stationed in Ashenvale where she has chosen to take up resident. Although the peace treaty has been mostly adhered to the occasion group of rogue Kor’kron or unwelcome adventures come trespassing into Kaldorei lands and it falls to the sentinels to escort or remove them as necessary. Merylithe was impressed by the martial implication of the Pandaren fighting style and has such as incorporated a few techniques into her fighting style. Favouring the use of pressure points and knowing how to fight barehanded with unarmed can make the difference between life and death for a sentinel although Merylithe does not appear to be fully committed to the ways of the monk she has incorporated some teaching into her lifestyle.
A few things to note about Merylithe
Having been around pre sundering Merylithe has a deep hatred most things magical as a result she’s likely to be extremely hostile ic towards magic users especially towards Kaldorei and Dreanei who are long lived races and should know better. She more lenient towards other races she would consider naive child races who don’t know any better.
Her IC weapon has not been named though it’s one of the first pieces she forged and has reforged it over the time to get a better finish. It’s strangely light and would feel awkward in untrained hands and requires proper use of arcs swings to generate power. It can be swung with one or two hands although the size would imply it to be a two handed weapon. (Not enchanted)
Merylithe has next to no tolerance for death knights and outside of cities where laws protect them is liable to attempt to kill them off.
Merylithe temperament is volatile while she’s mostly calm a few things can trigger her to become extremely hostile and may as such speak out of turn or upset people her anger is not directed at.

Why do you wish to join us? I had a toon with you guys on DB called Talim but cause of work i was unable to rp at all really with you guys maybe attending 3 events but since ive changed job i have more time to play.
Why does your char wish to join us? Ashenvale has gone from a horde hotspot for resources to just a few poachers and the occasional small incursion, Merylithe seeks adventure so as to learn more of the world and hopefully prevent her skills from going to rust in other words here life is too peaceful and slow at the moment.
Tell us something about yourself! (random fact) I reached first Dan in Ninjutsu within two years so technically I am a ninja irl but I shouldn’t be telling you that now should I?
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Re: Merylithe Shadowbreeze Application

Postby Salirien on Wed Aug 19, 2015 4:06 pm

Welcome back, Merylithe! And thanks for the application ^^

I give this two thumbs up! Currently, the Order is traveling through Kalimdor, and at the moment we are stationed on the western coast of Ashenvale. But first things first, another officer will have to accept the application before we schedule an interview ^^
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Re: Merylithe Shadowbreeze Application

Postby Eluvere on Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:34 pm

Thumbs up from me too. Come poke us (Kathene, Salirien, Aariam or me) for an interview to rejoin :)
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Re: Merylithe Shadowbreeze Application

Postby Aariam on Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:00 pm

Interviewed and invited! Welcome to the guild!

Locking and shelving this post.
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