Norélion Background.

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Norélion Background.

Postby Kiroshuen on Sun Oct 19, 2008 3:20 pm

OOC: Hey there. This is a quick background for my warrior, Norélion, who I only remembered I had on an old account a couple of days ago. He's a night elf warrior who hasn't been played on for about a year, so I think I'll make up a new story for him. :s

Name: Norélion Broadshield (Excuse the accent, pronounced "Noraylien".)

Age: 2,600


Born in a family of druids and priestesses, Norélion was raised to care for the forests. He did so for the good part of three thousand years. In the Battle of Mount Hyjal, he fought with nature by his side. After the battle, be became interested in the Alliance's ways of defending those they cared for, and took up a blade. While still druid at heart, he fights with a bladed weapon. Additionally, after the battle, he strove to learn the language of the Alliance so that he could further work with them, and since then, has looked at all races of his faction with equal respect.

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