To Bursting it Beats

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To Bursting it Beats

Postby Salirien on Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:13 am

A reply of sorts to Aariam's story "Corruption". You should go read that one first, as this one might then make more sense! ^^ Basically to tell the other side of the story. Enjoy!

To Bursting it Beats

Moonlight filled the upper chamber of the Temple’s western spire. White marble, the moon’s silver gleam and a small candle were Salirien’s sole companions. She preferred this solitude, most of all now. The thought of dealing with people was enough to make her tired. She leaned forward, sitting on that hard, ivory coloured floor, and lit the candle. Silver fire, Elune’s power and wrath made manifest, tightened its grip on the wick, claiming it. The fire burnt gently, unlike her mood. Wherever she attempted to bring order and restore peace, volatile conflicts were quick to arise.


She took a deep breath to calm herself, and closed her eyes. Peace… Order… Tranquility… Above all else. But she felt none of these things. She would only admit it in private, but she was sad, and disappointed. What had started out as a lovely conversation had turned sour, bitter and unproductive. Near the end, it was on the verge of turning hostile.

She focused on the silver fire, and attempted to restrain it. It was one of the elementary lessons of mastering the art of calling down silver fire, which some called skyfire, while others yet preferred the term “holy fire”. Before anything else, one had to know restraint in fortitude, for the flames were unbound, and could easily burst into an inferno of silver death. It was a most welcome distraction to practice this. It would have been, had it been a distraction.

The temple had been quiet for once, until she had visitors. Aerandyr’s company had proven comfortable enough, until Aariam showed up. Their egos had clashed, as they always seemed to do, and somehow, Elune knows why, Salirien had gotten herself involved. In an attempt to mediate peace between them, Aariam had become emotional, and she was not sure to what place Aerandyr had fled.

Why could you not keep your mouth shut for once? You are not the judge of this world. You are to smile and stay quiet. You are unsuited for the mooncloth you so proudly shroud yourself in.

Aariam’s temper had gotten the better of her. What had started out as a conversation about feasts and the union of marriage had quickly spun out of control. In an attempt to forge understanding between Aerandyr and Aariam, Salirien had almost broken the Commander. And not for the first time. While she had heard Salirien’s words well enough, she refused to listen. Too tall were the walls of her fortress, and made too thick by a very need to deny the obvious truth. She treated Menori not like the others of the Order, and while she had not noticed it herself, it had sparked some unrest.

And how did you heal that wound, hm? By placing yourself first? By forgetting that you are not Elune’s best? Disgusting.

The flame on the candle sputtered, as her grip on it loosened. It was so full of life and will, it demanded her attention more than her own thoughts. How long had she been sitting here like this now?

When Aariam started throwing around the word “corruption”, a term only she had used, the conversation was lost. The Commander could not hide away the emotions within her, her jaw clenched to the point where Salirien was expecting teeth to snap. That had been Aariam’s own vice, letting her emotions take control, and hearing without listening. But it was undeniable. Salirien could not pretend her own guilt was not nagging. They are too good for you.

But... had she not been patient? Had she not been forgiving of Aariam’s past sins and transgressions? Anger cut through her guilt in a sudden blaze. Are we but puppets on strings, so ably cast around at Aariam’s whim and wish? Rather, on the predictable meltdowns of her anger and sorrow? The Light within Salirien flared up. The fire before her did the same.

She forced herself to stay calm. Patience. Forgiveness. Calm. These are your tools, Salirien. The Commander will come around. Then you can talk, orderly. There is a solution to this, also.

But the truth remained the same. You have failed, yet again, white one. Have you not learned after all these years? You are an instrument of the Kaldorei. You are not expected to hold opinions and passions of your own. Stay silent, and claim that silence.

Aariam. Calisar. Soriah. Aerandyr. She had tried, but by the Goddess, had she failed. Ethelinas.

A surge of regret crashed through her. Her Light responded in turn. To bursting… To bursting it beats-!

A sudden wave of heat made her open her eyes in shock. The candle had melted and burst. Hot, white wax was splattered out around its base. Small fires clung to that wax, before fading out of sight, leaving the room bathed only in moonlight.

This silence is mine.
"Shine your light on us, Mother, for the day has grown long, and we are lost."
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Re: To Bursting it Beats

Postby Calisar on Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:57 am

A-maaazing ^^

Your writing is so tranquil and eloquent, it's just... perfect :D

*slaps with the stick of /moar!*
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Re: To Bursting it Beats

Postby Darathir on Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:19 pm

Trouble in paradise...? This was interesting. Must really begin to pay proper attention to happenings again :o
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Re: To Bursting it Beats

Postby Aariam on Mon Mar 02, 2015 3:15 pm

Aww, now -I- feel bad! Wonderfully written, and we definitely need to get the gals together to work this out. :D
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Re: To Bursting it Beats

Postby Elysar on Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:57 pm

Really well written, Salleh! Although I am uncertain what has happened with her in the past (the people you mention in the end), it's still nice to read more about Salsybob ^^ (Sorry, I can't help giving you nicknames... constantly.)
I love Nature's Grasp <3
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Re: To Bursting it Beats

Postby Soriah on Mon Mar 02, 2015 8:02 pm


*cough* Sorry. Very... very nice. Liked this a lot.

... that is all. :shock:
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