Joining the Order

Come be a part of our community!


So, you want to apply to the Order? Fantastic! Our recruitment process consists of a written application and an in character interview. The application is posted in our forums, and the interview will be with someone from the officer team. You will also find the application template there.


There are a few things you need to think about before applying, however. First of all you need to able to write and read simple English. This is required because our view is that you won't able to roleplay if you can't understand English.


Secondly, you are not required to have done roleplaying before, but you must be able to at least learn and improve your roleplaying.


Furthermore, we have an age limit of 17, which will apply in as good as all cases.


Lastly, we have no level or gear requirements, as you can roleplay the same if you're level 10 or 100.


Don't be afraid to apply if you are new to roleplaying or night elves. We're willing to let anyone join and grow as a roleplayer here, and we'll be glad to guide you along. A tip before applying would be to skim through some of the night elf lore simply to avoid major lore mistakes.


If you have any questions about applying or joining the Order, feel free to whisper any officer and we'll help you to the best of our ability.