The Order

Ten years of kaldorei roleplay

A warm community for beginners and veterans alike




The Order of Nature's Grasp was formed in Teldrassil after the defeat of the Burning Legion and the destruction of Nordrassil. The Order brought Sentinels, Druids, and Priestesses together in union to create an Order that would help protect kaldorei lands and gain some control over the new events facing the Night Elf people. After the Cataclysm the Order accepted Highborne into their ranks.



The Order of Natures Grasp is a RP/RP-PvP/PvE Guild, in that order. We aim to do a minimum of one Guild meeting and an event every week. Most of our events take place in Northern Kalimdor in the kaldorei lands, although we have been known to offer our services for the good of the Alliance as a whole. Each and every member of the guild is encouraged to contribute ideas and lead their own events.


We are a mature guild with a long legacy. Some of our members stay years, becoming close friends over time; others only stay a few weeks or months. We all work together to create a friendly, supportive, and welcoming guild atmosphere. Promotions are done on merit not time in the guild.



The Order of Natures Grasp is led by the Keeper, whom, fittingly enough, keeps the Order together. The Keeper stands as the administrator of the guild, making sure its different components work together as seemlessly as possible. The Keeper is often the head representative of the Order as well, and whilst the Order is ruled by a democratic council, the Keeper is still its leader.


The Keeper elects councillors who, together with the Keeper, become the Council. The Council is the high leadership of the Order, voting and deciding upon the matters which concerns them. The councillors were once interchangeable with the heads of the different wings but the hiatus of the wing system has seen councillors picked by the Keeper instead.


The seniors are members, picked by the Keeper and councillors, to act as aides to the Council. They often help out with recruitment and administration, and can be put to lead if the Council is not present.


Veterans are the members who have at some point in time been either the Keeper, a councillor, or a senior, but has taken a step back. We honour their commitment and service to the Order by giving them the rank of veteran.


The Proven are the ones who have served the Order well. Some need to pass a trial to become proven, as has been the case with the Sentinels of the Order.


Members are the main group of the Order. Everyone who has passed their initiation becomes a member.


Initiates are the most recently invited to the Order. They need to prove themselves worthy members of the Order, and eventually pass an initiation to become full members.


Citizens are alts of full members. The Order of Nature's Grasp is not a city guild, so noone will be recruited to become a citizen. The rank is named thusly simply because it looked the best out of our alternatives.


If you have violated the Order's rules, you may risk becoming an Outcast. Outcasts are no longer part of the order in character, but they can still enjoy the guild chat and community out of character. It is simply an in character guild kick.