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I. Main Guidelines



The rules of the Order of Nature’s Grasp are to be taken as guidelines on how to behave. This list, while inclusive of most issues that may arise, is not set in stone and may be altered and expanded on when required.


Any crime will earn a punishment, depending on the situation and whether it is considered a major or a minor offence.


Below follows the list of rules, with degrees of severity that range between minor and major offences, and an explanation of our punishment system.



II. The Strikes System



When the rules of the Order are broken a strike against the member is recorded. This strike is affixed to their permanent record, and should three strikes be given then a punishment is incurred.


After the punishment has been served, the strikes are removed. Despite this, one would be a fool to think that the council forgets about the infringements and punishments dealt. A reoccurring offender can expect a more severe punishment than the last, however, it is not guaranteed that the first punishment is not the most severe.



III. Minor Infringements



Infighting - Any sort of unrest between members that is handled in an unsafe and immature manner will be subject to one strike in a member’s record.


Disobedience - Disobeying the direct orders of a senior, councillor, Keeper, or relevant military equivalent will lead to one strike or more depending on the severity of the situation.


Irresponsible usage of arcane - Whilst magic is no longer prohibited, the Order still wishes to see that the arcane is used in a responsible manner. Irresponsible usage of the arcane can lead to one strike or more depending on the severity of the situation.



IV. Major Infringements



Desertion - Leaving the Order in the midst of war, and abandoning ones brothers and sisters will be frowned upon, and will incur three strikes to the deserter.


Betrayal - Betrayal of the Order, i.e. turning against fellow members for malicious purposes, or turning them over to an enemy will earn the person three strikes immediately.


Assault - Physically harming another member of the Order outside of sparring is heavily frowned upon, and will earn the member from one to three strikes, depending on the situation.


Disturbing the balance - Behaving and acting in a manner with the intention of harming and/or upsetting the balance will award the person with one to three strikes, depending on the circumstances.



V. Shadow



The Order has had an extended relation with the use of shadow magic, and so this topic will gain its own headline.


Shadow is prohibited. We see it as a great harm to both the user and the target, and we will not embrace or support its destructive powers.


No potential applicants with the taint of shadow will be accepted into the Order. However, if a sister or brother amongst us has been tainted by shadow, the Order will do anything they can to help remove the taint.


Punishments will be dealt out in accordance to the severity of the situation, and depending on the past actions of the member in question. Strikes are not being used for shadow. Usage of shadow will lead to punishment without discrimination.



VI. Punishments



The punishments are fluid in the Order of Nature’s Grasp, and will adapt to any situation. Thus, it’s not simple to list what crime will earn what punishment, as the judgment is so situational. However, this is a list of punishments that will most likely be applied, unless something fits the situation better.


Lecturing - The punished will have to attend lectures given by an appropriate member of the Order or kaldorei society. The lectures may be purely listening, or may also include having to write essays, or interacting in other ways. This punishment has a broad spectrum, and is for both minor and major crimes, to be used in conjunction with community service.


Community service - The punished will be given a task to help out in the community of the kaldorei. This may be Temple duty, aiding the druids, or simply the local townsfolk. This punishment has a broad spectrum, and is for both minor and major crimes, to be used in conjunction with lecturing.


Removal from the Order - The punished will become an Outcast of the Order, no longer part of the family, with very little chance of ever returning.




VII. Outcasts



The Outcast rank means that you are no longer an In Character member of the Order, however, we keep you in Out of Character because we like talking to you. The Outcast rank is there so that we can give more severe punishments without losing the person behind the character.


However, it is still quite a harsh punishment OOC. It means that you cannot attend events ICly on your character (most likely, as you can imagine), and your name and story will be posted on the Wall of Outcasts. The chance of ever making it back into the Order ICly with that character is very slim.