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There is currently no Keeper of Nature's Grasp. The Order is led by all officers until a new Keeper has been elected.





Hailing from the mountainous north of Kalimdor, many once claimed Aerandyr Sabersong to have a lot in common with his frigid homeland. Distant, cold and solitary the chosen words to describe this elf. Rarely seen outside his heavy plate armour and never without some kind of weapon in his reach he stands ever vigilant, carrying his father's legacy of a swordfighter.


After the disastrous events of the third war and its' conclusion at Hyjal Aerandyr joined the sentinel army, picking up the charge to defend the Kaldorei and has done so since, now a veteran of countless battlefields and numerous wars.


Currently he is serving as the Order's commander, tasked with rebuilding the Blackmoon sentinel wing and seeks in his recruits what he deems to be a sentinel's most important traits: Selflessness, resourcefulness and perseverance.



A calm, collected and dutiful Priestess. While the beginning of her life was difficult, she was taken in by a Priestess in Ashenvale, and tutored in the ways of Elune. With an affinity for silver fire and healing magic, she soon proved herself a worthy student of the Goddess’ mysteries.


Despite her guardedness, she admires her companions and serves The Keeper faithfully. Ever striving to spread the word of Elune, and serve as a beacon of faith within the Order, Salirien works to not only heal the wounded and protect the weak, but rekindle the inner fire of the Kaldorei people.




A true Druid of the Talon and a loving father of four, but being asked he will always say that he has five to watch over. On a young age he broke himself free from the chains of ancient family traditions and became a druid as he dreamed to fly and to be free. This upheaval caused Edradir to plummet into disgrace with his own family. Casting a dark shadow over them of which the consequences are still to be felt. And through time he saw many wars and a good deal of many other things, both good and evil, but his love for his kindred never faded.


Edradir’s carries with him a long sharp dagger, a shepherd's sling and a pouch filled with special seeds. But his greatest weapon is his cleverness as he is a Druid of the Talon and worshipper of the deity Avianna, also called Lady Raven. And a raven is known for it's trickery and misschief. Together with his inseparable companion raven “Sneath”, he keeps watch over the vast woods.