The Wings

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The Order of Nature's Grasp consists of several different wings. Each wing specializes in something different; the Blackmoon Sentinels are the military, the Wildhearts of Cenarius the naturalists, the Guardians of the Moon for the spiritual. However, because of a recent lack of priestesses, the Guardians have gone on hiatus.


Every member of the Order is eligible to join a wing of their choosing. They apply by speaking to the leader of the wing.




"Our strength lies not in superior numbers, but in the fact that we ourselves are superior. Our sisterhood cannot be broken, for the Goddess holds us together.

With steel in our hand, and silver light within us, we defend our realm.”


The Blackmoon Sentinels are the primary military wing of the Order. Small in number, the Blackmoon Sentinels use this fact to their advantage, finding themselves fighting under the cover of the forest, and often using subtlety and superior tactics to bring their foes down.


The Sentinels swear to the Goddess to defend their home, their Order, and their people.


The Blackmoon Sentinels are currently led by Commander Aerandyr Sabersong.



"We are those who are one with the spirits of the forest, keepers of wisdom and masters of the wild life. Nature is our home, our soul and our strength. For that we will forever defend her, be it with blade, tooth, claw or spell."


The Wildhearts of Cenarius is the wing uniting those with most affinity for nature within the Order. Seemingly peaceful as they stroll through their beloved forests or teach others about the Wild Gods and Spirits of nature, but make no mistake. When the call to arms sounds, they too stand ready to pursue their enemies like a predator its prey, or stand by their combatting allies to mend injury.


The Wildhearts swear to the Goddess to defend their home, their Order, and their people.


The Wildhearts currently has no councillor.



We are the chosen of the Goddess—the radiant few. With silvery light, we heal our injured kinsmen, and protect the innocent. With that same light, we purge those that would disturb the sanctity of Elune. We are the keepers of The Goddess’ Light, upholders of peace and purity..


The Guardians are led by Radiant Salirien Silverwind.




Following the Cataclysm a select group of highborne were accepted back into kaldorei society and after a successful trial introduction under the command of the Guardians, the Wardens of Enlightenment were invited to establish an individual wing. The Wardens were masters of the arcane and held an unparalleled esteem for the mastery of magic and the attainment of knowledge and therefore kaldorei or highborne arcanists were welcomed into this wing, as well as anyone with a thirst for knowledge.


However, the highborne leadership betrayed the Order and sent them plummeting into internal chaos. This betrayal from the arcanists led to them, and any of their ilk banned from the Order's ranks.